I'm All Over The Place Here

by - February 24, 2010

This, my dear friends, is Apple Pizza:

The one I had is not exactly as the one pictured above. The apple-y delisciousness I consumed was literally pizza dough (sweetened, and thin), with an upside down apple crumble scattered across the top.  I am sure this would be ever so easy to make: just make your dough sweet and sprinkle with cinnamon, prepare an apple crumble and spread it over the top before baking.  You could make it as sweet as you wanted, or as healthy as you wanted.  I can vouch that it is delicious!

I came home to the most lovely dinner tonight.  I walked home by myself in the gently falling snow, feeling sorry for myself the whole time, mind you.  I have come to the conclusion that I do not enjoy walking to and from work all alone.  Dave and I have walked together for the past two and a half years, and I am not yet used to doing it all by my lonesome.  I am sure that soon enough I won't remember what it was like to have him walking with me everyday, and all will be well!

Anyway, I walked in the door, shook off the cold, and the most wonderful smell was permeating our apartment.  A hearty vegetable smell with an overlay of cinnamon.  Dave had made an absolutely delicious and fantastic butternut squash/ lentil/ apple soup.  Almond milk added a lovely sweet tone to the root vegetable.  Mmmm.  It was blended and super thick and I do believe it was the best soup I have ever had.  What a lovely, warm treat to come home to.  For desert, strawberry and banana smoothies, also made with almond milk.  Can you tell I love almond milk?  I am lactose intolerant so I do not drink milk or anything like that.  Normally I use rice milk in my granola, but I might make the switch to almond milk.  It is lower in calories than rice milk is, but a bit higher in fat.  So maybe I can go back and forth between the two, since both are delicious!

So last night my life exploded in front of my eyes.  Literally.

A few months ago I had bought myself a cheap, pretty little lamp. When I first plugged it in, I should have known it was going to try and end my life via flying shrapnel because it flickered every time someone breathed.  I had the proper wattage of light bulb in the lamp (I think), and after a while it stopped flickering so I thought the poor wiring of the lamp had fixed itself.  How? I don't know. Little electrical faeries who go around fixing your wires, no?  You mean you have never seen them?  Well, I bet you have never had a lightbulb explode in your face before.  I bent down to turn the lamp on by the cord switch and POP!  Directly in my face.  Because I was leaning so far over my head was right over the lamp shade, therefore creating a higher impact of explosion velocity because of its funnelled shape.  Yes.  It is very scientific, this reaction of gases and pressure.  You know.

Because my head was turned to the side a bit, the sound of the explosion was captured in my ear, causing a ringing for the rest of the night.  That ringing?  Cilium damage.  Your protective ear hairs are breaking off and that's the ringing you hear.  Aren't I just full of smart's tonight?.  There was glass in my hair, in my EYEBALL, down my bra, slivers embedded in my hair.  It was all over my books, my computer, my blanket that is thrown over my desk chair. I hope this helps to paint a picture of the aggressiveness of the explosion.  I know! It's just a lil lightbulb!  But it almost killed me, I swear.

Weird random fact about yours truly: I have a genetic blood condition that makes me want to eat lightbulbs.  Like, snack on them.  Obviously I don't, because that would hurt a lot.  It also makes me want to eat dirt, and hair.  I have never given in to these strange cravings.  For real, I haven't.

Anyway, I am OK.  The lightbulb didn't slay me.  THIS time. 


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