It's Been A Great Adventure So Far

by - February 07, 2010

Tomorrow is mine and Dave's 5th anniversary.  I have to say it's been the best 5 years of my life.  Full of laughter, lots of it.  We can get pretty stupid with each other and I think that's why we are such a good match.

In lieu of all the recent events (it hasn't been a good few weeks for many people I love, and Dave losing his job) we decided to say 'fuck it' to responsibility tonight.  At the last moment, we were able to book a reservation in a very swanky restaurant, where we wished to dine from a Winterlicious Menu.  In this beautiful city we have a lovely thing that happens during the Summer and Winter where fancy restaurants open their doors to common folk like us with a prie fixe menu (anywhere between 25-45 dollars per person) of their tastiest vittles.  It is usually a three course meal consisting of a limited menu.  But oh my goodness, so awesome.  This is the first time we have taken part in this lovely event, and I am positive it will not be our last.  For $35 per person, you can have a meal that is worth much, much more. 

Our night started right when we were on the subway waiting for our stop.  A pretty girl in tight tight jeans and Pretty Woman boots (you all know what I mean) sauntered on to the train with a male 'friend'?  Hmm. Of course I thought nothing of it until she began speaking quite loudly; obnoxiously if you will.  The impression was given that the two did not know each other at all.  I began to imagine that she was in the sex trade, and it made me think of how many people are mistaken as couples when they are really just completing a transaction.  Hey man, I have no problems with prostitution, only that it is still illegal and therefore unsafe.  I do believe I hit the nail on the head with my thoughts on the pretty girl, when she began pointing to the train map and loudly declaring who she had slept with down the line.  There are all kinds in this city.  Also, and normally I am not this mean, but the poor, poor guy was pretty fug.  I am just being honest here.  Bad karma for me, but really, it's a fact and I am just stating it.  I just don't know that it would be easy for him to find someone to sleep with him willingly, but money sure does talk, right?  Good for him. 

Dave checking to make sure he had enough money.  Me thinking it would be funny if we didn't.

Anyway, the dinner was delicious.  I was so full afterwards that I needed to be rolled home.  I wonder how many people thought that Dave and I were just completing a transaction?  Haha! That's funny to think about.  All in all it was a lovely evening, very worth the money we don't have.

2nd Anniversary

5th Anniversary

Good lord how it seems we have deteriorated.  Look at how happy and bright we are two years in, and how we just don't give a shit anymore at five.  

By the way, the BEARD.  I know.  Dave has been composing the score for a feature length film, and the beard is symbolic.  He will not shave it off until he is finished.  The BEARD is going to eat him, I am positive of this.

Love you Dave!  Here's to five more!

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