Rants in My Pants

by - February 02, 2010

I am not sure if anyone has noticed, but I have been a bit absent lately.  It has been making me feel guilty to do so as this is supposed to be my outlet, my remembering of events that have happened in my life so as to never forget, but I have been finding it difficult to turn on my computer every night.  It makes me feel guilty, which in turn makes me feel worse about wanting to sit down and write something.  I know that this is stemming from the time of year, because for the past 7 years I have been feeling the same thing, at the same time of year, without fail.  I have spoken about Seasonal Affective Disorder many times on this blog, so those who know me will nod their heads in unison and understand.  It is just that the beast has gotten to me more so this year than in years past.  I know the cloud will lift, and that's why I want to forge ahead and keep on keeping on as they say, because come March I will be happy as a clam.  It's January and February that do me in, and it is keeping me going to know that one of those months is already swept away, under the bed with all the dust bunnies and forgotten objects of yore, lying dormant for future January's.  

Anyway, now that I have let you guys know about my dreary existence, I can also say that there have been other things adding to the grey that have been distracting me from this blog as well.  One of those things being that Dave lost his job yesterday.

A little background into the big picture, for those of you just joining me here (of which I am eternally grateful!):

Dave and I have been together and working together for almost five years.  Before the current place of employment, it was Second Cup. It has always been a bit of a problem for one reason and one reason only: it seems to bother people when couples work together.  It was a HUGE problem at first at our current workplace (I am just going to use the term 'current' for now because it is easier for the sake of our sanity, even though Dave is no longer current there).  Even though the boss hired him knowing full well that he is my boyfriend, she still had a major problem with it.  Which I never understood.  I was supposed to train him, but if she caught us talking, we would be reprimanded.  If there was an office meeting and he happened to come in last and the only seat left was near me, he was scolded to move to another seat.  When I would prepare my lunch in the afternoons (obviously it was his lunch as well) I would be taunted and called his 'mother' for preparing his lunch along with my own.  Which happened to be in the same container.  See? This is why I never understood why he was hired in the first place if it was going to be such a problem.  

But then you had my old boss at Second Cup who scheduled us to work together every night.  For the most part this worked out, but on the odd occasion when someone would come in and ask for my phone number, or flirt with me, it was awkward.  And because I am NOT the type to tell someone 'no thanks, I have a boyfriend', a simple 'No thank you' was never enough to make them back down (honestly though, what's with that? What is the difference, to a guy, when a female says 'no thank you', as opposed to 'no thank you, I have a boyfriend'?  Never understood it).  Anyway, there were times when it was awkward, but for the most part, people liked it. They thought it was cute, quaint even, that we worked together and were a couple.  It made people feel comfortable.  But I still had to hear it every single day when he would forget to fill the milk fridge, or sweep.  I mean really, did people think I was going to call him and yell at him for it?  Weird.

But never at our current workplace was it ever cute.  And it was never more uncomfortable when my best friend became his boss. Ugh.  Sticky situation for ALL involved.  I am not going to get into the nitty gritty about all that because she reads this humble blog sometimes (love you!) but I am just going to say it wasn't always pleasant, once again, for all parties.  It's hard working with your friends, your boyfriend, and keeping your nose out of things.  Believe me.  

So yesterday when he was let go and the office manager pulled me into the boardroom to talk about it, I thought it was very strange. She told me her reasoning behind the decision and why she had to do it.  Ummm....OK.  My response?  

"I appreciate you wanting to talk to me about this, but I am not sure why you are telling me all of this.  It's none of my business".

Just because he is my boyfriend does not mean I need to know all of this.  Frankly, I don't really care.  Would she pull me in if Business Person B got let go to tell me all of the reasons as to why? No, of course they wouldn't.  So it was strange.  Again, awkward. And to top it all off, an email was sent around the office announcing it all, which in turn subjected me to awkward stares and pitying glances.  Sigh.  

Of course Dave was home already and I was giving him a loose account of the days activities.  His response?

"Man, why is everyone being so frigging dramatic?  We aren't, and aren't we the ones involved?  Tell everyone I just cracked a beer and am sitting down to play Mass Effect 2 in the middle of the afternoon.  Poor me".

That's my positive, lovely, unemployed bastard.  Really though, together we can do anything, and that's all there is to it.  Upwards and onwards to better things!

Thank you for letting me rant and get that off my chest.  Now I can move on and stop focusing on a day that will mean nothing five years from now.

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