Cute Sunday

by - March 21, 2010

As you all might be aware, I am currently on the prowl for an apartment.  I love the apartment I am in, but it is time to downgrade (not in quality, just monetarily).  So in order to curb the frustrations of the actual hunt, something I don't find very fun, I like to look at things that I would put into my apartment that make me happy.  Here are some of those things:

I am really liking bright, happy colours these days.  Coming from a girl who used to be called Lydia Deets in high school, that says a lot regarding how much my tastes have changed.  Isn't that little yellow lamp adorable?

Those little bird vases are seriously awesome.  So is the chestnut secret box and the books clock.  A books clock! Be still my beating heart!

Okay.  I am not sure I can even begin to talk about how amazing all three of these things are.  Spoons with strawberries on them that resemble baby spoons, but are for adults.  YEAH RIGHT.  Yes please!  And ice cream bowls with scoops of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate decorating the inside of the bowl?   I would probably be anal and only eat the flavours of ice cream that went along with the picture in the bowl.  That would be fun to me, so I am guessing I don't think outside the box much.  And HOLY HELL THOSE ARE SPACE INVADER ICE TRAYS!  I don't even need to say anything else regarding those because they are just awesome.  

See how excited I get about all these little things?

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