In Ten Years...

by - March 15, 2010

I was tagged by some wonderful people (there were a lot of you!) to describe where I want to be in ten years.  Where I see myself, if you will.  So here is my projection of what I will be up to in ten years:

1. I will most likely be in Paris at one of my summer houses. I will have them all over the world.

2.  I will be super rich, if you couldn't guess from numero uno.  But it won't be money I earned, it will have just been handed to me.  Probably on a silver platter, with a tiny little silver spoon beside it.

3.  I will have aged VERY well.  *wink wink*

4.  I will only eat from the most expensive restaurants and drink the finest wines.  I will probably complain about how gross and low rent it all is.

5.  Dave and I will be jetsetters, taking off to wherever tickles our fancy for that week (or day).

6.  I will have under my employ: a chef, a personal trainer, a plastic surgeon, a flurry of cleaning personnel, a stylist, a personal shopper, someone who feeds me grapes, and someone who holds my umbrella. 

7.  I will have a driver that I order to go places, decide I don't want to be there, and then yell at him for not being able to read my indecisive mind. 

8.   I will have children, only to have them raised by nannies.

9.  I will have the fame and glory of a rockstar...just for going to rehab. 

10.  I will make sure the paparazzi take pictures of me getting out of a car.  In a dress.  With no underwear on.

What?  Isn't that what everyone wants?

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