Joy In Lime Green

by - March 09, 2010

I am really enjoying the colour green right now.  Specifically this shade of green:

How delightfully happy.  I am thinking that in my new apartment (which I am still on the hunt for), I am going to incorporate this colour somewhere.  That's right folks: actually PAINT my apartment the colours I want it.  I know right?  The Queen of Hating Painting wants to paint something and not live with whatever colour is already on the wall.  That hurricane you just experienced? That was me screaming and throwing a tantrum, thinking about painting.

Ok.  This picture hurts my eyes but it is wonderfully bright.  And although I do not think I would ever own a couch in that particular shade, I DID own a couch in the exact same shade as the orange on the wall behind it.

I love this plate.  The colours are gorgeous together!

I would sit in that chair all day and stare out that window.  And then I would look down and see my pretty lime green chair and I would be happy as can be!

Well hello there.  I might eat one or two of you.  For Easter.  For the sake of the occasion, because I might be a bad person if I didn't.

I hope everyone is enjoying some Spring-like weather today!

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