by - November 25, 2010

I am sitting at my kitchen table with cold feet and fingers.  It is the epitome of a Fall day out there; it is cold and wet.  It's nice to sit inside and gaze out the window at the rain.  To know that I am warm and dry, and happy and healthy.  

That warmth definitely eluded me earlier today when I rode my bike home from work.  Let's just say a super hot, almost scalding shower was the only thing to knock the chill out of my bones.  The first hot shower of the season.  There will be many more.

The other day I had such a longing for Winter.  I know I am strange.  I was daydreaming and thinking of the first snowfall and how even after 30 years, it is still so magical to me.  It's odd, but when it gets cold enough to snow, I begin patiently waiting. Always on alert for the first snowflakes to fall, always looking for them outside the window.  And when they do finally come, it is still the one day, every year, when I believe in magic and fairy tales.  It is always the most beautiful thing in the world to me.  I hope that never changes.  It makes me sad for people who can't see past what the rest of Winter means (to them, freezing temperatures, icy roads, storms, frozen toes).  It's a shame to miss out on something so quiet and wonderful. To be able to see the beauty in something so simple, yet so full of magic, is a miracle.

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