Playing Catch Up: 7

by - November 17, 2010

August 3rd, 2010

I have been sort of bummed lately.  I have been missing the days when money that I made was, you know, MY OWN.  Screw you University and your call of knowledge and books.  What did you teach me, other than skipping class?  And now I have to be this super responsible ADULT (barf) who pays her student loans on time.  And now, I never have any money to do anything FUN.

So even though I am a super anal stupid ADULT when it comes to paying back all my shit, no one ever said I was super anal about paying my rent when my landlords were out of town!  HA! That's just crazy talk isn' t it!!???

Our landlord told us that he was leaving the country for two weeks.  He told us this right on the day when I got paid.  The day when I was feeling like I needed a little retail therapy.  So, my mind started turning.  In circles.  And then I smelled a funny smell and I remembered that that was what you intelligent folks call 'thinking'.  Ah yes, it's been a while.  I guess University was good for something.

Anyhow, my brain began doing it's thing and that thing was to tell me that:

1.  My landlord is out of the country for two weeks.

2.  I just got paid.

3.  There is the rent check for the month sitting on my coffee table.

4.  My landlord is out of the country for two weeks.

So I spent some of my damn rent money.  On SKINNY JEANS. And a handbag.  So there!  Sometimes I am not so responsible. Sometimes I am spontaneous and throw caution to the wind.  It feels good to be back.  I used to do crazy shit all the time. Although I guess it doesn't truly count because I didn't have any real responsibilities then.  Sigh.  I guess I will know I am a bonafide irresponsible woman if I decide to have children and one day spend all their college tuition on a new set of boobs. Yeah! Spring Break! Am I right?

So there you go.  I am insane.  I spent my freaking rent money!! AHHH!  What the hell was I thinking?? What if they come back before I get paid in two weeks and demand the money?  I am a horrible person! I need to be stopped!  What was I thinking?

Do you think it would make it all better if I showed them the new mop I bought?  Mops are responsible!

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