by - November 19, 2010

We are now up to date folks! This is me, in the present.  No more updates, you have to live with yours truly, in the flesh.  Enjoy!

Last weekend I woke up and felt like spending some money. After drinking a little too much the night before, waking up hung over and eating some bacon (a cure for EVERYTHING), I felt like exploring the world and being frivolous with my wallet (to an extent of course, I am not rich!).  

I had all these ideas in mind: to finally buy a rug for our family room, some art for the walls perhaps?  Change up our bathroom a little?  Buy a new set of dishes, something I have been wanting to do for a very long time? Hmmm.  So off we went with coffees at our lips and plenty of water to hold off the shakes of being a little too old to indulge with such reckless abandon.

Once we had walked here and there, and wandered around some stores (oh the Christmas cheer! Already!), fatigue began to set in. My happy shopping bubble quickly began to deflate and everything I wanted when I set out seemed to become such a burden to even think about, never mind seek out.  Our bouncy walk had become more of a slow shuffle, and all I could think of was consuming a good meal, having a shower, and going to sleep.  And that's when a great idea struck...

Why not update our bedding and create a cozy nest to spend the next six months of winter holed up in?  This was more exciting than any fancy art or shag rug combined!  So with as much gusto as we could summon, we began to pick out new sheets, a soft comforter, pillows, a memory foam mattress cover, and a luxuriously soft throw to complete the look and coziness of it all.

We assembled our new/old bed and told each other we couldn't wait to go to sleep that night, something that had been lost as of late, as our bed (and room) lacks a comfy vibe to it.  I believe that where you sleep is a very important place to invest some money and time in making it warm and inviting, a place you want to go every night, a place where a restful, restorative sleep is found.  Important to starting your day off right, right?

I think we achieved that with our little investment.  And investment it was, that shit ain't cheap!  The night ended with a delicious dinner in a fancy restaurant (high rollers!).  A half litre of wine and an espresso later, and I was ready to test out the lovely cocoon we have created.  

Night night, dear readers!

 I think Pandorah likes it!

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