Crazy Fun Weekend

by - December 10, 2010

This weekend marks the second of my crazy December weekends.  But what a fun one it will be!! We are all going out to celebrate my birthday on Saturday (it's on the 22nd for anyone feeling extra generous this holiday season), and I ACTUALLY created a Facebook event for it this year.  Yes, me.  Not only did I create a birthday event for MYSELF, but I did it on Facebook.  Shoot me now.  

My good friend Shaun is also coming over to hang out and crash at my place this weekend.  I have promised a fantastic breakfast on Sunday morning because last time we hung out and he slept over, he spent an hour standing outside my bedroom, knocking and trying to wake me up while I quietly locked the door and prayed he would go away.  Poor guy just wanted to go for a cup of coffee, I just wanted to die in my own bed.  Of course that was the Saturday night where a bottle of Crown was consumed, multicolored shots in test tubes were downed with colorful abandon, and girls painted in silver stood frozen in strange poses (of which Shaun poked one in the stomach.  I can't recall if she broke her pose or not).  And I locked my door on my friend I was supposed to be entertaining.  

Good lord.  So I owe him a better time.  OR...I can create a replay of the last time and and say I am reliving a fond memory?  We'll see.

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Don't worry, many pictures will follow of this night of my 31st birthday celebration!

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