by - December 02, 2010

I love December.  It is both relaxing and insane.  I am not sure why my social calendar becomes jam-packed in December only, but I do love that it does.  All I have to do is remember to breathe, and not look at the month as a whole or I will begin to question when I will have a chance to blink and that WILL drive me insane! 

My good friend C was smart when she called me on a hot day in August and asked me if I was busy at the start of the holiday season.  Of course in August, I had no plans for the beginning of December, so I accepted her offer of a weekend visit at her cozy abode, trimming the tree and sipping hot cocoa with the kiddies.  Who can say no to that?  But I tell you, she is a smart cookie for nabbing me then.  

On top of that big day where some say a dude named Jesus was born, it is also my birthday three days before the big C.  And because all of my friends are awesome, they feel the need to treat me extra special on and around my birthday so a party (or three) is thrown and I am made to feel like the most important girl in the world.  Or maybe it is just pity....hey, I will take their pity party any day, just show me the free drinks!

But the part of this month that I love the most is when the winds change to the cold, biting winds of Winter.  The kind of cold where you don't think you are going to survive the trek home and the only thing keeping you alive is the thought of the warm glow of lights in an open window.  A cup of hot tea made for you by someone you love.  Knowing that there is a warm place for you to sleep, snuggled in the depths of your blankets where for 8 hours your sleeping brain believes that you never have to leave your comfortable nest.  

As I have said before, I become akin to a hibernating bear in the Winter, and December is my busy foraging time before holing up in a corner of my comfortable couch for January and February (and March, and April, and the beginning of May...).  A time to visit and socialize and get it all out before my body begins to slow down for the season.  To eat fattening foods (oh butter how I love you!) and pile on the sweaters and long-johns.  To wait for the warmer winds of Spring.  

What does December look like for you?

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