Awesome and Ugh

by - January 14, 2011

I went and spent most of my money today on these:


A plethora of vitamins and other things of the sort.  Because it's at this time of the year where my body starts to slow down, to get very tired.  So I go and bone up on a crap load of vitamins and things that are good for me.

After the holidays and after all the shit I put into myself at that time, never mind drinking my face off for a month, my body starts to beg me to take care of it.  So for the past three years I have done a Cleanse Smart cleanse.  It is gentle, and forgiving, and doesn't leave you feeling hungry or like you have pooped your brains out.  Let's be honest IS what a cleanse does.

Cleanses are awesome when you choose the right one.  There are two weeks ones, or four day ones, but ones that are quick do things well.....quicker.  I honestly don't want my insides falling out of me in four days, so that is why I choose a gentler one.  The one I like doesn't tell you to stop eating or anything like that.  It just suggests to eat better, to watch what you ingest.  And I tend to go all out and follow it and then some.  No drinking, no greasy foods, no junk food, not too much red meat.  Just tons of lean meats, veggies and fruit.  This is why it is awesome.  And also ugh.

I like you, but also don't

So tonight I made cupcakes.  I am going to stuff my face with chocolate and drink beer.  Because those things make me happy, and if I have to eat like a Mennonite for the next month, I am going to enjoy my last night in food hell before I go to cleansed body heaven.

Icing looks like white turds

At least the cupcakes are organic, right?

Look at the cupcake-gasm I am having

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