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by - January 14, 2011

I cannot tell you guys how much I DESPISE grocery shopping. The walking there, the wrestling for a cart, the people, ALL THE PEOPLE, the wrangling of all that crap home.  Sigh.   

Now I am not entirely sure BUT, I am pretty sure that people lose their brains when they go grocery shopping.  I don't.  I am more like a drill sergeant....I know what I want and I want to be in and out of there ASAP.  Hehe.  I won't point out the obvious in that statement.  

Since there is a storm on it's way tonight, people are extra crazy when they are grocery shopping.  They believe they have to shop for Armageddon, like the world stops because of a tiny winter storm.  So when Dave and I HAD to go grocery shopping tonight, I was kind of dreading it.  It's Friday night, a storm is coming, and people are end-of-week insane.  Not a good combo, if you know what I mean.

Dave knows that I have everything we need stored away in my head.  He is perfectly fine with following me around and keeping tabs of the total while I grab this and that off the shelves.  He is happy with the fact that I have grocery shopping for the week fine-tuned to take only half an hour.  So when people get in my way, I have to count to ten.  And when people stop to WINDOW SHOP for their food, he has to hold me back from committing violence.

There was one family in particular that was making me CRAZY. You know the kind of people that are everywhere you need to be? They were that kind.  A woman, her father, and her baby.  Who happened to look like the kid from The Shining, but hey, I ain't judging.  The first time they came into my life was when I wanted to grab a package of bacon.  They were taking up the entire bacon section and were ARGUING about which bacon has more fat, and which one would be tastier?  And was there enough meat on this one?  ARGGHH! I could see the package of bacon I wanted, and they were discussing what kind of pig this and that bacon came from.  Thankfully, staring all my violence into the floor works wonders to diffuse it.  

And then there they were in the soup aisle.  Debating salt content and fat content in a can of soup.  Now I commend you for wanting to make an effort into paying attention to what goes in your body, but BACON?  And CANNED SOUP?? Both are bad for you! Just choose one and get on with your fat consuming life!!

At one point we accidentally were blocking them from grabbing something.  Dave went to go and move the cart, saying that he was in their way and felt bad.  My answer?


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