Blue Monday

by - January 17, 2011

Today has been...uuhhhh.  Yeah.  That's all I can say.  It hasn't been bad, it hasn't been good.  But you guys know how I feel about Monday's: I think they are unfair and should be outlawed.  

This morning I was ripped out of my sleep by a cat beginning their barfing ritual on the bed.  Why do they like puking on the bed?  There is an ocean of easy-to-clean hardwood floor to vom all over....why the bed?  So normally when this happens I lift the cat as gently as I can and place them on said hardwood floor to happily ralph away.  Only this morning because I was slammed out of sleep by the sounds of a cat dying, and it was still dark out because it's freaking Winter and dark all the time, I wasn't entirely with it.  Also, my arms were completely asleep, so I may or may not have launched the cat a little harder than I thought?  The giant smack of her hitting the wardrobe made me flip my shit and scramble out of bed to check on her.  I put my hand in her barf when I somersaulted out of bed too.  She was fine.  I fed them right after this and she scarfed down her breakfast and smiled at me, letting me know that she was conjuring up another barf from that tasty morsel.  Can't wait.

I walk to work everyday, and normally I don't mind.  It gives me time to listen to music and wake myself the eff up.  This morning since it felt like -22C out there (-8F for my American friends), I minded.  I also almost wiped out on three separate occasions.  This makes me less confident about my walking skills and I begin to feel like an old lady.  And because of my peripheral vision being taken away on account of my furry hood, someone walked up beside me to pass me on the sidewalk and I almost had a heart attack because I didn't see/ hear them.  Shit.

At least I get to leave early today.  I have an appointment.  I told my boss that I had to leave a whopping two hours earlier but that I would make the time up tomorrow.  She gave me a dirty look.  I wanted to punch her, but that's nothing new.

I love Monday!!!!!

UPDATE:  WOAH! I just almost pooped my pants.  I am obviously at work right now and I was trying to be sneaky about writing this blog post.  I hit 'publish post', all proud of myself that I was able to write it without being caught when a suit asked me if they could send me a document to print out.  Of course I said sure.  When the document appeared in my email it was titled BLUE MONDAY.  OMG.  My crazy brain spiraled into a panic attack where I was convinced they were watching me like Big Brother, and this was their way of letting me know I was caught.  GAH!  Breathe,, two...

Anyway, it had nothing to do with anything, just a weird coincidence.  Yikes. 

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