Cherry Pie

by - January 10, 2011

So I busted out a little Skid Row love after dinner with my best rendition of I Remember You.  Anyone remember that song?

I was trying to jog Dave's memory by pulling it up on my iPhone, but to no avail.  The internets were failing me and my great desire to hear Sebastian Bach's voice rip through my kitchen to reach my ears, which would be swooning.  Oh yes, I used to swoon over this man:

Since my iPhone internet wasn't working, I decided to mosey on over to my laptop and pull up the video there.  I was successful, and made Dave listen to every last drippy note of the song.  Have a listen. You know you loved this song.  Oh and back off ladies, 3:43 was meant for ME.

Anyway, in the suggested videos section, Warrant's Cherry Pie pops up, just begging me to watch it. I ask Dave if he remembers that one?  He doesn't.  Isn't he in for a treat!  I click on said video and it begins to play.  It starts with a big build up of music and some mental face-making by the band members, but it keeps STOPPING 11 seconds in.  No amount of refreshing, or turning airport off and then on again, would make the video go past those 11 seconds.  Right at the pinnacle of the song rocking out in full force, it would pause.

Well, Dave was getting angrier and angrier at You Tube and the internet.  I do believe there was a red face involved, clenched fists, and a venomous shout of "I am going to PUNCH YOU TUBE IN THE FACE!!!".  Calm down man!  I mean, I know how much you want to see Jani Lane's glamourous mullet and pushed to the side package, but it's not worth the headache!

In order to calm him down, I told him I was going to write about this on the internet and embarrass him.  He was able to stop thinking about it when I looked up something else to listen to.  We watched a few other videos, but I could tell that he was ITCHING to get to his computer to load the video and watch it.  

As he was leaving to do just that, he asked "Are you really going to write about this on the internet?".  I answered that yes Dave, I sure am.  He laughed and called me something that rhymes with 'witch'.  

Enjoy your Warrant video Dave.  Don't get too enamoured with the cock rock boys and their lip gloss.

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