The Crazy Brain

by - January 20, 2011

Anyone else get 'crazy brain' at the thought of someone coming into your home to do some repairs?  Oh lord, I do.

When my landlord called me late in the evening last night to ask if he and his handyman could come up and take a look at the work that needs to be done, my blood pressure went from it's normal state of 'always ready to flee', to full on 'DANGER' mode.  Because I knew (and so did he) that the repairs would be a bit extensive (we had our bedroom window skylight leak because it was very old, and it destroyed one entire wall of our bedroom, and part of the wall in the bathroom beneath it).  When Dave told me that the job would take an entire WEEK to complete (here's hoping) and that the guy would be there everyday at 9AM (I am not awake by 9AM! NOT AWAKE!), I could feel my brain turning into the spaz case that it is.

So here I am at work, while poor Dave has to deal with the banging and drilling and thumping while he is trying to be inspired to compose a song for a movie.  I feel for him, as he has to deal with the brunt of this situation  But you know what I have to deal with?  WONDERING what the repair guy is up to.  And how much of a mess is he making?  And will he clean up that mess?  And how long do I have to live in total and utter CHAOS before I give up and die?  ARRGGG!  

Seriously.  I am over here insanely obsessing about dust and if the guy is wearing his snowy shoes in my house and oh god what will I come home to? A fun house of horror, that's what.  I asked Dave to let me know what my stress level should be like before I get home tonight.  He asked how he should determine this and then he said "So far he has only been in the bathroom to see what he needs to do in there".  I answered with,"STRESS LEVEL ALREADY AT FIVE!".

Ah yes, to be neurotic and spastic.  Anyone else get this way or is it just me?

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