Dave is Awesome

by - January 30, 2011

Over the last few weeks Dave has been involved in something pretty amazing.  He was chosen, along with four others, to be a part of a director/ composer match up where an established director gave him a scene from a short film they have made, and his job was to compose the music for it.  He was chosen above many others who entered the program, and he was chosen along with some very very talented people.

The first week was spent composing the score for the scene.  He had to then send his work to the director to approve it.  Once the final score was given the green light, he had to orchestrate his score on paper so that a real live orchestra could record it.  Pretty amazing I think!  To be able to hear your music being played by a live orchestra?  That's an accomplishment that not too many can say they have experienced.

From the control booth

Behind the conductor's podium

Getting ready to record!

The full stage

Once the recording was finished and mixed for the movie, a screening was to take place of all five scenes that each director had given their composer.  This took place last night at the Royal Theatre downtown.  Each scene was shown, and then the director and composer had to discuss it in front of everyone (NERVES! I was so nervous for Dave it felt like I was the one being put under the spotlight!).  

I was so so proud you guys.  The whole thing was awesome from start to finish.  His music translated wonderfully on the big screen, and even though I am biased, I have to say that Dave's was the best out of them all.  It honestly and truly really was.  The director he worked with only had wonderful things to say about him and his work, and I was elated to see how happy and accomplished he seemed.

A little courage was needed before the screening.

About to leave.  We are so happy/ nervous!

Afterwards we all trooped over to a nearby bar for the after party. Everyone was really nice, although no pictures were taken of the actual screening or actual people because everyone is too cool for school.  Artists, sigh.

We celebrated late into the night, and a blast was had by all. Maybe a little too much by some (aka, me).  

Dave with his free swag.

Home again after a long night of fun.  So drunk tired.

I only embarrassed myself a few times, once in telling a story of how Dave and I were play fighting one time and he punched me in the face (it was relevant to the conversation, believe me).  I told this to strangers of course, who all got quiet and looked down at their food.  Sigh.  Katherine, you are a master of conversation, I swear.

The other time was when we moved to another bar that was closer to home, one I have been to over 1000 times.  I really had to go to the washroom so I started making my way over there.  Because I was so drunk tired, I turned right a little to soon and walked into a fridge.  The waitress saw me and was all "A little further honey, just over there".  And I pointed to where she was talking about, as if I had never been there before.  I was all, oh you mean there?  Oh! Ok thanks.  

All in all, it was a pretty awesome night.  One for the books.  And I have never been so proud of Dave.  I can't wait too be there for the next great thing he accomplishes.

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