The Glasses Fiasco: Part 2

by - January 14, 2011

They finally called me on Tuesday.  I was at work so I had to wait a few more painstaking hours before the glasses would be in my hands.  I ended up leaving a teensy bit early to go and get them.  I walked in the store and told them why I was there.  The dude just looks at me with confusion and tells me that he had not received any glasses in that day.  I told him that I got a phone call saying they were delivered earlier.....

They were sent to the wrong store.


For some reason I knew this was going to happen.  I had said so earlier that day when I stated that I feared my glasses were lost in the mail.  Maybe it's because I put it out into the universe?  I don't effing know! I just wanted my glasses.

I couldn't call the original store because it was too late, and there was no way in hell I was traveling as far as I would have had to get the glasses from the other, wrong store.   So I waited until the next day and called the original glasses people to let them know that I was unhappy with the fact that they sent them to the wrong place when I specifically said WHICH store to send them to.  The office manager let me say what I had to say and then rolled her eyes and said "Yeah, ok.  I will fix it".  Good grief.  And yes, I KNEW she was rolling her eyes at me, I could hear it in her voice.

So I had to wait another two days for them to come in, which they finally did yesterday.  I  power walked to the store and told the guy my glasses had come in. He got them for me and proceeded to tell me that a person from the original store called HIM to apologize for the mistake.  A WHA WHA??  That's great that the guy who was put out the LEAST in the whole situation got an apology.  I hope it made him feel better?

Anyway, here they are, the glasses:

 Pair numero uno.  Also, I look like a douche.

 Pair number two

And there you go. 

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