Time To Attempt Something New...Or Embarrass Myself

by - January 08, 2011

Hey there!  Today I had a crazy idea to make a Vlog.  So that's what you are going to get in this here post. Just a few things:

-I say "so yeah..." a lot.  Sorry about that.  First vlog jitters.

-My voice doesn't ACTUALLY sound that calm or smooth.  Picture an angry, red-faced seaman (haha!) and that's what I hear in my head.

So without further ado...

Vlog # 1 from Kato Kaka on Vimeo.

That's an awesome face I have there.  I am serious about letting me know what you think.  If it's dumb just tell me and I will shun you forever listen.

UPDATE:  Dave and I went food shopping and were falling over starving while doing it.  We had to return the car we rented which meant we had to walk home while falling over starving, so we bought a big bag of spicy Doritos for the walk.  And we ate the WHOLE THING.  Then I made lo mein for dinner.  Ugh.  Ralph city.

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