What A Day

by - January 17, 2011

So that 'gentle' cleanse I have been taking?  Not so gentle.  

This is my fourth time taking this specific cleanse, and I have never reacted this way.  My whole body feels empty, purged of everything.  I am surprised I don't have a rash, which are common with cleanses, as they get rid of any impurities through any means possible.  Through your sweat, skin, urine, but mostly in your poop. Haha.  I hope you are picturing that right now.

I feel like a ship out on stormy seas, and in order to keep the boat afloat, everything in it that is weighing it down needs to be thrown overboard.  I am hoping it ends soon and the good affects of the cleanse take over.  Because it really does feel great.  But right now....blah.  And I can't even drink to take my mind off of it.  What have I been putting into my body lately that is causing it to react this way?  Good grief.

Also, today I had my first therapy session.  It was interesting and intense.  In one short hour I feel like I purged out my mental insides, but then took them back and stuffed them in my brain, which made me feel worse than before I went in.  I imagine that this is normal.  It's only the first session, and there hasn't been a build up of trust, therefore it's hard to let things go in one hour.  A lifetime of things.  But I will keep you posted on THAT.  It will be a lot of work to fix my level of crazy.

Tonight, I am looking forward to spreading myself out on the couch and watching garbage t.v.  Excuse me while I go do just that.

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