What the...?

by - January 25, 2011

So I used to be a big believer in the supernatural.  I stress the word 'used' to.  Then I met Dave.  Mr. There-is-a-rational-explanation-for-everything.  And he took the fun out of my belief.  What a jerk I know.

We used to watch a ton of ghost/ supernatural/ weird type shows together, and every time we would watch them, Dave would bring in his scientific explanation for what REALLY happened there, and how people like to trick themselves into thinking that it is something unexplained.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not one to believe in unicorns and fairies, I just like the idea of the unknown.  It's mysterious, it's odd, it lends a sense of something to life that rational explanations don't.  I like scaring myself, I like thinking about things possibly being true, and I get excited when I hear about strange things happening to people.  My family has always been big believers of the 'what if', and I think as long as it isn't carried too far, there is nothing wrong with feeling that way.

And again, then I met Dave.  I started swaying towards his way of thinking.  And things like scary shows/ movies/ video games have become a little 'blah'.  Because I no longer have that sense that weird things COULD and DO happen.  I don't want to become a rational person, I want to continue to believe in the mystery of things.  Because really, YOU NEVER KNOW.

Something happened last night that made me question rationality.  Tell me what you think:

Yesterday was the anniversary of my grandmother's death.  I was thinking about her all day, not being sad about it or anything as 9 years have passed, but just thinking about her and when she was around and the funny things she used to do.  Now, my grandmother was like my second mother.  She lived with us almost my whole life and in traditional European fashion, she took care of us as if we were her children.  I miss her all the time, and yesterday was just a day that I thought about her a lot.  

Last night at around 11:30, Dave and I were winding down, watching a movie (Conan the Barbarian..why? Because I am the best girlfriend ever).  I had mentioned something about my dad, something about how this was his favorite movie and how he and Dave needed to watch it together and form some kind of bro-mance, and then I mentioned something after that about my grandmother (my dad's mom).  And then our T.V. turned itself off, and then on again, and our record player turned itself on and was spinning without the needle being engaged to do so.  Controllers were no where near us, and both of those things were in two separate plugs, on two separate walls.  

I asked Dave what he thought that could be?  And I jokingly said "Hi Baba! Nice of you to visit!".  And Dave started going on about radio frequencies and the like, and how that happens sometimes.  

Anyone have a better explanation?  

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