Death By Snow! And 300th Post!

by - February 02, 2011

As I mentioned last night, we were all hunkering down here in Toronto waiting for the GIANT storm of 2011 to hit us overnight.  I checked the weather before I went to bed, and there was this long list announcing all the cancellations of schools and community centers and the like.  I went and checked outside my window and it looked pretty bad, so I thought we were definitely in for it.  I was afraid of what I was going to wake up to in the morning.

Which was not much:

You like my snobby Canadian scoffing at the weather?  As if I want more.  As if it was a piece of cake walking through all that crap. But really though, it was not all that bad.  Here are a couple of pictures so you can see that it REALLY wasn't as much snow as they were calling for:

The night before the storm

The next day.  Not much accumulation.

Night before.

Next day.  Pathetic.

See? Not much.  I think Toronto just wanted a snow day. Unfortunately, I did not get a snow day.  Sigh.  But I did have a little snowball throwing fun on the way there:


I am a woman of many talents.

Speaking of talents, this is my 300th post people!  Like that segway?  I thought you might.  I was under the impression that I was going to have these amazing snow pictures to impress the world with, but I don't.  

Most memorable moments of this day, on my 300th post:

1.  I was over an hour late for work, but no bosses in today.  Score!

2.  My feet only got a little wet, as opposed to their normal daily soaking.  Thanks for that today boots.

3.  I had someone say to me, "You used to be a vegetarian eh?  Awww....and now you kill animals".  Yes, I kill them personally.  IDIOT.

4.  I believe I clocked 14 almost wipeouts while walking.  This is okay though, the muscle mass I tap into in my legs works them even harder.  Call me Conan, the snow walking Barbarian.

5.  It is now technically nighttime, and my feet are still wet.  I am too lazy to get up and put on different socks.

These are the things I will remember the most on this important day of all days.  Here's to 300 more!

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