Exploding Head What?

by - February 03, 2011

Last night as I was falling asleep, right on the precipice of waking and sleeping, I was yanked back to full alert wakefulness by a loud (I am talking very loud) bang on what I thought was my front door.  

Now I don't know about you, but it is very disturbing to me when someone bangs on my door like that, even during the day.  And this happened pretty late at night, so you can imagine my level of what the fuck right?  I had been drifting off, listening to one of the cats play downstairs, and then BANG! BANG! BANG!

I was terrified!  And I could hear that Ju-ni (the cat) had stopped with her tearing around like a crazy person.  As if she heard it too.  I tried to wake Dave up but we all know that is a futile attempt as the guy sleeps like the dead.  I strained to hear if it would happen again, all the while trying to calm my crazy beating heart.

But then I realized that Pandorah (another cat, the one whom this blog is named after!) was still fast asleep beside me.  And she has anxiety issues guys.  If she so much as hears a footstep from a mile away she is off and running and trying to find the best spot to hide in our bedroom.  When the doorbell rings it's like a tornado has hit from her ripping through the apartment to get to her coveted safe place.  So the fact that she was still sleeping soundly between Dave and I threw me off.  Maybe the loud bangs were in my head??

The next morning I told Dave what I had heard, or thought I heard.  He asked, "Was it right before you fell asleep?  Like you were just slipping into sleep?".  I answered that yes, I was pretty much asleep but I could still distantly hear Ju-ni playing.  He told me that through his research into lucid dreaming he learned that some people hear loud bangs right before they fall asleep.  That your brain tricks you into hearing gun shots and the like right as you are slipping into sleep.   


But that's not even the weirdest part of all this.  I wanted to look this up in more detail and what I found is that there is actually something called EXPLODING HEAD SYNDROME, according to the AMA.  Wha wha?

This is a THING?  Like an actual thing?  Woah.  

I wouldn't be surprised if that is what I experienced.  Explosions and syndromes are definitely my forte.  Unfortunately. 


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