Sage Wisdom

by - February 23, 2011

I am sitting at my desk at work right now, and I wanted to write this down before I forget what was said in my fleeting young person's mind.

Dave walked me in to work today, as he does on most days.  We were on a residential street, enjoying our coffees and talking when we noticed that we would soon be sharing the sidewalk.  A little old lady, bent over her walker, was shuffling towards us.  We both stepped to the side to let her pass, but instead she stopped and looked at us as if to speak.  This is what she said: 

Enjoy the sunshine today.  It is beautiful.  Yesterday I couldn't even get out of bed because it was so cold.  

Live your life, read a lot of good books, and help your parents.  You will have a good life if you do this.  Read plenty of fairy tales because they are true to every situation in life.  The bible is hard to read, but you should still try. 

When you get old, you gain many problems.  You have no debt, but you have no life.  

Enjoy your life. 

Man.  Were truer words ever spoken?  Who knew that when I walked into work today I would get to experience the sage wisdom of one who has lived a full life?  For some reason everything she said really touched me.  And I think that everything she said is true.

Enjoy your life today folks.


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