So Romantic

by - February 15, 2011

So yesterday was Valentine's Day.  I don't celebrate it.  I do not begrudge people who do, obviously, but at the risk of sounding not very diplomatic: it's just another day.  And I think that if your partner needs a reminder on a calendar to show you some love, you might be with the wrong partner.  I am an asshole right? I know.

I also know that I can say something like this with utter confidence because I am one of the 'lucky ones'.  I am in a great relationship.  The best, in my opinion.  As I always do, I need to have a disclaimer here that it isn't always perfect, nothing is, but as far as love goes I am in it with my whole heart and my whole life.  And because of this, I am happy all the time in my relationship.  I also have a great partner, the best, in my opinion.

Want to know what he 'got' me for Valentine's Day?  He vacuumed the house for me.  Now THAT is romantic right there.

I was so tired from lack of sleep from the night before (Dave is sick and therefore is having trouble, ahem, breathing while lying down.  He sounded like a dying pterodactyl).  But our place needed to be tidied up a bit.  And he did it for me.  Now, Valentine's Day is not the only day that he does stuff like this for me, he does it on a daily basis.  And I appreciate it just as much everyday.

Are we sounding disgustingly domestic yet?  Keep reading.

Any plan that may have been born in my mind for a romantic dinner was ousted by my lack of energy.  So pizza it was.  Nothing says romance like greasy cheese and pepperoni right?

Our plan was to spend some quality time together after stuffing our faces with pizza.  So we decided to watch a documentary together.  Most people on this day of love and romance would choose something that reminded them of this right?  Oh not us.  We chose Medieval Torture Devices.  Yes! Dave stated that it was actually very fitting for our relationship.  The torture part.  Smart ass.

How sexual.  Ha! Just kidding.  The funniest part of the whole night was that as soon as we started watching it, we both PASSED OUT.  My goodness, are we THAT old and boring?  I mean, I don't think we are, but it WAS Valentine's Day right?

No! And this is why I don't celebrate it.  For the same reasons I don't really do much for New Year's Eve either.  Too many expectations, too expensive, too built up.  And to be honest with you, this was a perfect Valentine's Day for me.  I didn't have to clean, I didn't have to cook, and I was in bed early for once.

Awesome, in my opinion.  My very geriatric opinion.

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