by - February 01, 2011

I gathered up enough energy to write in my journal tonight, thinking that I would have left over energy to write on my blog.  Wrong.  I. Am. So. Tired.  I am not sure if it is because I have gone back to drinking dirty, dirty coffee (yes it does make you more tired people!), if it was from the complete and utter lack of sunlight today, or if it is because there is a HUGE snowstorm coming tonight.  My body is very in tune with the weather.  Believe me when I say this.

So because of my inability to pull shit out of my brain and place it onto this screen (being hilarious all the time is pretty exhausting), I present you with....

My journal entry from tonight:

Oh hey there! Wha Gwan?  I am currently sitting on my cozy couch, having just freshly showered and already in my pajamas.  We are expecting a GIANT snowstorm tonight.  Environment Canada keeps using the word 'dangerous', and I believe the word 'paralyzing' was even thrown in there for good measure.  An apocalyptic snowstorm, sheesh.  It's supposed to be the biggest storm since 2008 (ah yes, the old Squall of 2008), and we are to expect 30-35cm of snow, possibly 40.  That is a lot of effing snow!  Let's all hope that I don't have to go to work in the morning!  But let's wish for power.  No power outages please.

I can't wait for dinner to be finished cooking so that I may eat it.  I am especially excited for this to happen because my one desire for the evening is to lie on the couch for two hours and watch garbage t.v.  I am so frigging tired and my sinuses are bothering me - I wonder if it's because of this big storm on it's way.  Man, it would be so nice to have a day off tomorrow...

So that's my plan for the night.  I am going to eat and then rot on the couch.  And when I am finished with that I am going to brush my teeth and schlep my bones up the stairs and into bed, so that I may read and continue to rot there.  It will be divine.

And now I am completely out of shit to say.  So tired, I don't even care about this entry anymore.  Watch my sister call me during my t.v watching extravaganza.  She always does that...

And there you go dudes.  That piece of art right there tired me out so that it was all I could share with you tonight.  Stay warm!

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