Adventures in Suburbia

by - March 13, 2011

Busy Saturday folks!  But a fun one.  Dave's mom, stepdad and stepsister met us for lunch at a place in our hood that we had never been to before.

I had heuvos rancheros for the first time. MMMMMMMM......definitely won't be my last.  My only regret was that I forgot my camera or else there would be plenty of pictures to make all your mouths water along with mine.  DANG.  I could eat that until I die.

Then I was off to my friend John's out in suburbia.  I was really looking forward to seeing him as the last time we hung was New Years.  This is the guy who when I go over to his place we sit and drink and watch t.v. together.  Can you say perfect evening? Because I can.  Love hanging with this dude.

There were two old ladies sitting across from me on the subway today.  They didn't know each other, but they looked alike.  Old women hold a special place in my heart.  I love their jaunty hats and sensible shoes, and their head to toe matching everything.  I can imagine that they look at me, generation hipster, and they inwardly shake their heads at my garbage clothes and loud music screaming from my headphones.  I still love them though.  I wanted to take their picture but I thought that might be rude.  So I took a picture of their empty chairs instead.

While I was standing here waiting for John to pick me up, I looked back at a long line of cabs.  The first guy in line starting waving his arms frantically and desperately, and I had to look around me to see who he was spazzing out at. Turns out it was me.  He was trying to get my attention to let me know he was available for business. Thanks buddy.  Because I didn't see the mile long line of cabs waiting there the first time.

Love this guy eh!

Of course!

I am like a five year old who should never leave the house without supervision.

Gorgeous view from the breakfast nook of John's condo.

Then I made the most amazing video ever of the sound of his front door chime thing.

Ok everyone! Get ready for awkward poses and all around crazy!

Wash your hair you freaking hippie!  

Dave and I have two mirrors in our house.  The standard one in the bathroom over the sink, and a full length in our bedroom attached to a wardrobe.  I am convinced that that specific mirror was designed to give women complex's and to develop rotten body issues, so I don't look into it very often.  This in turn causes what I like to call 'full length mirror brain', meaning when you go somewhere that has a good full length guy, you can't help but let your stares linger just a smidgen too long. Ok fine.  I am vain!

The grease factor is overwhelming.

So John got a new kitten.  Finally.  He got her about a month ago and I have been wanting to meet her ever since.  Her name is Bean. I already very comfortably call her Beaner.

Chewy, John's first little guy.  He has quite the moniker.  His first two names are Chewbacca Costanza.  I have some hilarious friends.

Lobby cam!! 

Of course I had to run down there as soon as I saw that his building had a lobby cam.  I am special sometimes.

Funny story about this little girl.  The other day John says, "So I think Bean might be pregnant".  I responded with "Probably not Mr. Paranoia.  She probably needs to take a crap or something".  How could she be?  She is only 6 months old!  I chalked it up to multi cat jitters.  TURNS OUT HE WAS RIGHT.  That's a pregnant belly if I have ever seen one.


I sewed this for John back in 2003 when I was 75-years-old.  I can't believe he kept it.

And then he busted out this stuff and I was entertained for the next hour.

We also watched Dazed and Confused.  I am concerned as to how they were able to follow me around during my teenage years and document all the crazy for their film.  They made a hit movie out of it and I never even saw a penny in royalties.  

I used to crush on this guy BIG TIME.


Then it was time to go home.  Until next time my dear friend!

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