Spring Fling? More Like One Night Stand...

by - March 10, 2011

So I was all set to write a post about the early stages of Spring here in Canadaland, but alas, I did what every Canadian does and I convinced myself Spring was here even though ALL SIGNS POINT TO NO. 

Why would I think this?  Was it because of the 2 hours of warmth and sunshine we had last week that is now but a fleeting memory?  Most likely.  I am the first to tell new comers to this country to never expect Spring to actually show it's face until late April, early May because it likes to trick you.  It shows a bit of leg and makes you feel all warm and cozy, and then snaps its cold garments back over itself and glares it's icy death stare right into your soul.

Sigh.  All I want to do is ride my bike.

So here is my 'Spring is here' post.  Only it isn't. 

Dave is currently working with me again.  I cannot even tell you how much I DISLIKE this.  When he was fired let go over a year ago, it was a blessing in so many ways.  Not because we didn't enjoy working together per se, it was just everyone else who made it garbage.  People don't like it when couples work together, even if those couples are always professional.  Weird eh?  

Anyway, this is what you have to deal with when you live with an artist.  When you say, ok honey, it's time to go, don't want to be late!, he says, ok!  And then he goes and sits down at his piano to play 'one last song' before we go.  One last piano concerto that lasts for a thousand years.  Sigh.  But I can't rush him you see. Because work is not more important than this.  Still, I am a woman and it is my job to get frustrated and suffer in silence like the martyr that I am.

This couch speaks to me when I walk out the door every morning. It says, "Please don't leave me lady, come and have a seat for a second and...THERE YOU GO!! Now SINK! SINK!".  Constant struggle I tell you.  You can see my butt groove.  Embarrassing when strangers come over.  

Oh look! Spring!  I don't actually think this is even a Spring plant thingy, I am pretty sure these are Winter berries but let's just pretend for the sake of this post k?

And most of the snow has melted!

Except for this dirty little hanger on.  He's like the last drunk guy at the campsite who every one just wants to go to sleep.  Stop singing Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC alone in front of the fire and JUST PASS OUT ALREADY!

Want to take a guess as to what he is doing here?  He is sending an email to work letting them know that he is going to be late.  Hmmm....I wonder why Dave?

The wind blew in my face and aged me 35 years.  COOL.

And in this video I call Winter a jerk.  And it is.

Branch Fest 2011! There are little birds hiding out in here.  They are the kind that sound like dudes whistling at a pretty girl as she walks past.  I like to pretend they are whistling at me.  Oh! THIS old thing?! 

Accidental picture.  I like it though.

Ok.  It's March.  It is really time to take these little guys down.

Funny story about this place.  It was a church, now it's condos.  One day I was walking to work and a woman and her husband pulled up beside me to ask what denomination the church was.  I told them that it wasn't a church, but that it was condos.  The look of stunned shock on her face almost made me laugh.  And the look of  disgust.  As if I destroyed the church so that people could live in it.  And then they sped off, as if my very presence would make them want to do sinful things like drink coffee or Coca Cola (not making fun my Mormon friends!! You guys rock!)

When the boss is away...

I am shrugging here, as if I am not sure why the weather wishes to play with my emotions in such harsh and cruel ways.  It's rain-snow! Or snain as Dave calls it.  I call it row.  It's snaining!  No it's rowing!

Scary almost burned down house.  Even though I saw this place the day after a fire almost took it out completely, I still think of murderers and ghosts when I walk by it. 

The only picture I regret not taking was of a penis that someone drew in the snow.  Here let me find one...  

Thanks collegehumor.com!

I had to point and laugh.  Dave told me I have the mind of a 12-year-old boy.  So? 

And that is my weather forecast non spring-like post for today.  At least it's not like last week when it was freezing and my ass fell off.

What is it like in your part of the world?  (Talk to me friends in hot places!)

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