Thank You Mother Nature

by - March 24, 2011

So I am pretty sure that you are only a true Canadian when you psych yourself out into thinking that Spring has arrived.  We all do it.  It's mid-March, there have been two days of warm, spring-like weather, and we all decide to pack away our winter jackets.  

This is foolish.  And again, we all do it.  Maybe we are all just optimistic that winter has released us from it's cold death grip?  I don't know.  But we go through this same song and dance every single year.  Sigh.  I am sure you guys know where this is going.

Look it's the sun!! He's a weak little guy, but as the day progresses, he gets stronger, and I get happier!

That is a genuine smile.  You can even see a hint of a dimple. Those don't normally show themselves unless I am stupidly happy. Actually it might be a wrinkle.

Grass.  How I have missed you.  How come you could only stay for such a short amount of time?

Shadows and things on our faces.  This means that the sun is shining.  We are also squinting.  SQUINTING EQUALS SUNSHINE!!!

Love this picture, love this guy.

Sunshine bits on the grass.  Told you it gets stronger.  

Witch tree.  

This hill is the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE.  It doesn't look like much, but believe me, when you are trying to balance your coffee and 3000 calorie breakfast sandwich from the Tim Horton's across the street, this guy is an asshole to walk up.  Just kidding about the breakfast sandwich.  Maybe.

As we left work that night, this is the sky that greeted us.  No sunshine to speak of.  In fact, looming clouds and freezing cold winds whipped a little hello in our faces as we stepped outside. Because Mother Nature is experiencing a tiny bit of PMS this week I think.

Gone are the smiles and happiness.  We know what we are in store for.

Oh but wait!! Then Dave suggested we go out for some Indian food and I got happy again.  YEEESSS!  Because nothing says impending snowstorm doom then having a curry!  Just the kind of poundage I needed to face the storm that was barrelling down on us.

I am REALLY happy about the decision to hoover some curry.

We went to our favourite place in the city.  Now I know everyone has a 'favourite' place to go for Indian food, but I have to say that our place is the best place.  It was written about somewhere once. And it is so effing good.  The guy who owns the place is the NICEST human being on the planet.  Not sure how he manages to stay so lovely, but I wish I knew his secret.  Maybe it's all the butter he cooks with all day.

Stuffed bread rolls.  Shit.  I could drink a jar of their spicy mango chutney.

Evidence of all that butter.

I have never tried the dessert there, but this pistachio mango ice cream was way too good.  I am going to be dreaming of that one for a little while.

Next time you are in the city go and visit Curry Twist on the west end. Tell them Katherine sent you. Get the butter chicken. When you are rolling home you won't be disappointed.

Before we went to bed that night I said that maybe the weather people were wrong in their forecast?  Maybe we wouldn't wake up to 15cm of snow and it would only be a light sprinkling.  Like the pistachios on my ice cream.  I drifted off to sleep dreaming of yummy things and sunny skies.

Only to wake up to this:

The start of the 15cm of snow.  Yes.  This was only the start.  It carried on all day. Thank you Mother Nature.  Now drink some tea and take a Midol why don't you?

Not very happy anymore.  Hey Dave, make a mad face when I take a picture!! Good one, good one....naw you look good!

Across the street from work. Look at the blizzard happening around us. Bullshit. Also, now you know where I work. Don't stalk me a-holes.

Guy with the snowblower is smart.  Everyone else was digging themselves out with a shovel.  It was heavy packing snow too.  

Anyone feel like offering me their beach front summer home for a week or two?  I don't care if you are staying there also or if you are creepy.  I am too, so we'll get along nicely.

Besides, I would be in a sunshine coma the entire time.  

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