Have I Become a Girl or Something? Did I Win a Game or Something?

by - April 18, 2011

I have been on a girly kick lately.  The extent of my girlyness is that I like wearing crazy socks and I like painting my nails.  I have NEVER been a nail polish kind of girl before.  And now, all of a sudden, I have PINK nails!  With DIAMONDS and FLOWERS on them!  I blame Raymi and her minx nails!  I love her by the way.  Kind of want to marry her.

The next little love story is brought to you by MY cat and MY boyfriend.  These two assholes love each other like no one else.  He has actually told me before that it would be harder to break up with the cats than me.  I suppose I can over look that.  What I CAN'T get over is how before he came along, I was her only love.  She has anxiety issues, she is socially handicapped, and she was ONLY comfortable around me.  And then HE came along and won her over.  Sigh.  I remember when she would do that to me.

Yeah this about sums it up.  I go in for a snuggle and she takes off. Bitch, I saved your life TWICE.

Spring happened last weekend.  An then Winter came back. It has been snowing the last two days.

More pretty nails!  I like these ones the best.  They remind me of a couch from the 70s. I don't know if you can tell or anything, but I do my nails my very own self. Sorry to the dudes who read this blog. Nails=boring.  I know.

My cuticles need a little TLC I think. UGH! Who says stuff like that?

Matched my socks to my nails.  I am rad, I know.

Friday night, Dave and I decided to play a game.  Vodka (lots of) and a board game, just what the doctor ordered.  The game is called 'Reminiscing', and it's for, and I quote: People over the age of thirty...and the young people they LET play.  The age you need to be to play?  Old enough to have a past.  It was a pretty awesome game man.  The object of the game is to answer questions about life, fashion, music, politics, etc.  The date ranges from the 40s to the 90s.  Obviously you want to get the era you lived in.

Check out that winning face!

Part of the game had you reminiscing about things that happened in your past.  You had to tell a story about it.  It went something like this: tell a story from your past that had to do with a nightmare.  My stories consisted of "One time I had a nightmare and it scared me", you know, to hurry things along.  Dave's stories went like this, "Back in 1991, when I was 10 years old, just a wee little lad, living on Oak Lane, with my parents..." and ON and ON.  He likes to take his time that boy.  He was born a grandpa, I swear.  So this is what I did while he told his 'stories'.

Oooh.  I bought a PRETTY necklace from a new shop that opened up across the street from work.  I am in big trouble.  I love everything they have there.  This necklace is a one of a kind item, the kind I love the most.  The designer is Kat Shura at Curious Oddities.  Love, love , love.


I also love love love this guy.  Even though he stole my cat.  

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

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