Hiking=Good Times: Part 1

by - April 07, 2011

This past Sunday Dave and I decided to go hiking outside of the city.  Before we headed out to the wilderness, a good breakfast was key to our survival.  We decided to go to Espresso Mi Vida for their famous (in my world anyway) heuvos rancheros.  No can call me a creature of habit right?  Ha!

This is, hands down, the breakfast of champions.  The only sad part about it is that it is WAY too much food and I could only eat half. Not the kind of thing that stays well in the fridge either. Unfortunately, there were no homeless people out on the street on our walk home for me to give the rest to.  Such a waste.

No pictures were allowed to be taken until I had a cup of coffee.  I still look like ass.  It's ok, the only people that were going to see me were the entire INTERNET! No, just kidding, I actually don't care about my looks, no high maintenance girl here (wait until you see what I just did to my nails though squueee!).  I am a little pale on account of the asshole Canadian winter and I just can't fake and bake, it goes against my nature.

Walking towards our chariot. Zipcar is the shit when you have no money to buy your own wheels. They hook you up nice. The fees are reasonable (about $8/ hr), and your insurance AND an unlimited gas card are all included. I love them.

Toronto in the Spring reminds me of my childhood. Degrassi Junior High anyone?

Whoever painted this (graffit'd it?) is an exceptional artist.  I think that all buildings in Toronto should have commissioned graffiti artists paint stuff all over the place.  Toronto would be a much prettier place, I think.

Ahhh...there she blows.  Couldn't wait to get into that and crank the tunes.  I am sure Dave could wait though.  He was in for an hour of Michael Jackson and all the other amazing (annoying) crap I have on my iPod.

Hiking gear.  You guys think I am joking when I say we went hiking?  We went HIKING.  If there was an advanced hiking for lazy people, that's what we did.  It was brutal.  The water and snacks were much needed the 2nd hour in.

I love how they had to add that it is a thirst quencher.  It's water.  Of course it is.  

Youth mix.  Give me a whole lot of that!  I enjoy that the peanuts are like happy little hoodlums.

What a look of pure joy.  It's because I was thinking about how loud 'Beat It' was going to be cranked in the near future.  And how loud I was going to sing along to it.

He has no idea.

Stay tuned!

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