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by - April 02, 2011

You guys know that I hoovered the world last week on our magical mystery food tour, and it was delicious.  

But you should also know that Dave doesn't just roll me from place to place, we actually walk EVERYWHERE and burn off all those calories that we consume.  I have also been trying to cut down the calories I ingest when I drink, which when you love beer and wine, are a lot.  I am only 31 and not quite ready to cut out all alcohol ever just yet, so I figure I would try and find a way to cut down the calories.  Cut out alcohol, pssshhh.  How would I live?

I did a bit of research and found out that vodka is actually pretty low in calories. So we have started testing the different flavoured vodkas out there (only 64 calories an ounce!), and we found that mixing them with club soda (0 cals) and a squeeze of fresh lime, you have a refreshing summer drink that is easy on your waistline.  We have also tasted the lime flavoured vodka, and it is good, but not as good as the raspberry.  Smirnoff makes all kinds of flavours that sound delicious. Except for black cherry.  Gross me out the door.  Let me be your test subject.  I will tell all of you which is the tastiest.

Every once in a while I drag Dave into my favourite furniture store, Cornerstone, where we walk around and stare at everything we can never afford.  My thoughts on vintage furniture is that it's OLD, it should be cheap.  Am I wrong on this? Cornerstone thinks I am wrong.  It's wonderful and expensive and pretentious and even when I am rich I won't be able to afford anything there.  Sigh.

The basement.  The place where they put the stuff that is a little more affordable because it is dirty or ripped, or they were too lazy to make a diorama out of it for the rich people to buy upstairs.

Last Saturday we celebrated Earth Hour.  We made some drinks and some popcorn, and played chess by candlelight.  It was fun.  The hour went by quickly, even though Dave kicked my ass.  So not a gentleman.  Ten minutes after Earth Hour began, I ran to our front room and looked out the window to see how many other people were celebrating and NO ONE WAS.  I hope they could feel my judgement radiating out onto the street.  I am sure I looked like the old woman from Princess Bride who yells at Buttercup that she is a bitch for being with Prince Humperdinck while her true love lives.

Hey guys! It's Friday!  This means FUN FUN FUN FUN!  We decided to go to the Holy Land (Future Shop) and buy some video games and while we were in the area to stock up on vodka.  How come when I say this I feel like a homeless person?  I never felt that way with beer and wine.    

I suggested that we drink the rest of our vodka on the walk to get more alcohol (god, we sound like alcoholics. We aren't, I swear) and Dave said he is glad I still suggest to do stuff like that.  I was like, what stuff?  Act like a fifteen-year-old? Well yeah, I never left boyeeeeee!!

Speaking of fifteen-year-olds...Dave searching for a video game. He came out of the store with three.  

I am not really sure this sign is effective...

Float like a butterfly...

I am superbly happy that we now have a new bottle of vodka to drink.  I should just cut the antics and stick this in a paper bag and stop pretending with a glass and ice cubes.  

I had to crop this photo because you could see down my shirt.  I am not one to show my boobs by wearing revealing tops.  This shirt makes me uncomfortable but I had to dress up for work today. Normally I get to wear ripped clothes and things that resemble pajamas, so I when they ask us to dress up twice a year I guess I can oblige.   

This is my concentrating face.  Dave laughed at me when he saw this picture. What?  Like people have sexy concentrating faces.  No one does.  When you see a girl looking hot while she is concentrating it's because she isn't actually concentrating.  She is making sure her face looks good because she knows you are looking at her.  A little trade secret there boys.  

I only use the most amazing tools to create the mixed drink magic.. I call this one: the thing that stirs stuff.

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you all have a great weekend filled with adventure and laughter!

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