Rainy Monday Photo Dump

by - April 25, 2011

Woke up super late today, as usual.  Man, it's a good thing I have a job where I can (sort of) go in whenever.  As long as I work my 8, you know?  I think they just turn a blind eye to it, and thank goodness they do, or else I would be a bum!

So Easter weekend.  Dave and I went up to his mom's for dinner on Friday.  We rented a car and I am so glad we did.  I am coming to the conclusion that I can't do the weekend stay over thing anymore at my parent's.  Love them immensely, I just can't do it.  We need a car of our own.  This is what I have been thinking about these days.

I passed out in the car on the way home.  I didn't even have any turkey.  I was just exhausted.  I woke up that morning and did a day's worth of work before Dave even pulled himself out of bed. Felt good, but as we were leaving Dave's mom's, it started snaining (raining and snowing!), and the combo of the car and the snain knocked me out.  Sorry Dave.  At least you got to listen to Frank Black the whole way home without me making faces right? 

Then we had to get home from where the Zipcar was, and I decided to go out into the world like this. I am my grandmother, through and through. 

Saturday morning was nice.  My parents (my entire family really) decided not to do anything for Easter.  I okayed this decision whole-heartedly.  I needed to chill out. Also, I had to go to the Eaton's Centre to have my brand new iPhone 4 replaced.  I had upgraded 2 days previous and after I got home I realized the camera was broken.  So annoyed.  So then I had to make an appointment with a Genius, on a Saturday, at a crazy busy mall, after a holiday.  Sigh.  Anyway, we enjoyed a nice fridge emptier breakfast beforehand: breakfast sausages and feta on toast. MMMM.  

Dave did his piano/ theory homework while I made breakfast.  He is taking his grade 8 piano and Advanced Rudiments of Music Theory exams in June.  He doesn't feel ready.  He will do fine.

After having a relatively painless appointment at the Apple Store where they replaced my dud phone with a brand new one, we went out to eat at the Pickle Barrel.  Remind me never to do that again. Ugh. I haven't been there in a long time, and the food is not so good anymore.  I remember when it used to be...or maybe my taste's have changed.  When you order and your food comes in less than five minutes, that says something right there.  The pictures are super shitty because the waitress was making me nervous.  She saw me taking pictures and she swooped in and frantically asked if everything was okay. Holy...it's fine.  I had a yucky stir fry, Dave had steak.  Blah.

I decided to wear a bright yellow sweater to work today, to brighten up my mood. Look at the weird yellow glow in this picture.  I am radiating sunshine.  I knew the rain was coming, I had a terrible headache all day.  No amount of water would make it go away.  It was almost a pill popping kind of headache, and I never do that. The less pills I put into this body the better.  They make me feel all funny.

The walk home was actually sort of pleasant.  Today was one of those warm-ish Spring rainy days I don't mind so much.  You can almost hear the flowers growing.

Someone needs some Vitamin D.  And C.  And maybe a little B.

This house is crazy.  I want to live there.  There are some pretty neat houses in the Junction.

And I leave you with a random picture of myself, with a 'sugar' skull.  Only it's not made of sugar. Ugh. Okay, I am done.

Happy Monday!

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