Sunny Days...

by - April 20, 2011

In homage to two weekends ago, when Spring was here for a breath of time (it has been snowing/ raining for a week now), Dave and I went on a long walk to one of our favourite places in the city to get ice cream:  Bloor West Village.

I knew the day was going to be great when I walked outside of my house and saw that my neighbors had strung a spring themed paper chain across their fence.  

I had to have some sustenance before we did all that walking.  It is a good solid half hour walk to Bloor West from the Junction, but with the two of us, we make it much longer because we zigzag and take a lot of detours.  This is why I like going to Bloor West for ice cream in the Summer. You pretty much walk off all the calories before you even consume them! 

Hi I just woke up here.  Literally. We passed a church and I oohed and aahed over the grounds and how inviting they looked. 

Except they are not.  Not unless you are of the God-fearing variety. Look at how sad that makes us.

I love Toronto in the Spring.  Winter is so dreary and full of doldrums that I love when Spring shows itself.  The streets are clean of slush and muck, and it is still cool enough to not want to strip off all your clothes and walk around looking like a crazy person like in the Summer.  Don't get me wrong, I love the Summer.  I love being deathly sweaty and gross looking 24/7.

All the houses on the way to ice cream are gorgeous.  I often wonder what people have to do for work to live in a place like the one below.  Because here in Toronto a house that size could easily go for $800,000-$1,000,000.  Like I will EVER be able to afford something like that.  

Sigh.  Stairs like that mean you have money. Stems from the old days when rich kings and queens wanted to look down on the commoners.  Still means the same thing I am sure. Where can I get me a house that is higher up than everyone else's?

These kids were adorable.  No lemon-aid stand for them, no sir.  They played those instruments like it meant the world to them.  I love it when kids actually work for their money.  Many kids are just handed an allowance and never learn the importance of working for the money.  So I had to give them some cash.  How else will they buy their tear jerkers and clackers?  I totally just aged myself.  Don't click on those links.

Flowers at Bloor West!  Yessss!  Oooh, I like that girl's boots!

Instead of ice cream this time around, we went into a DEE-LICIOUS sweets shop called Sweet Flour and we got frozen yogurt instead.  Since I am severely lactose intolerant and yogurt is not as hard on a person as milk or cream are, I thought it would be a nice change from ice cream and holding my belly in agony and wanting to curl up into a sweat ball and dying on the side of the road.  Oh, and shitting my pants.  That too.

Mine! All mine! I am going down in a blaze of chocolate and empty calories! Oh but it was so freaking good. Of course Dave had to get the healthy option. Freaking healthy people who don't have to work at it. It is like a constant battle in my life not to deep fry everything, or open a candy shop and be my only customer. Sigh. 

Accidental picture. Look at how much I am concentrating on getting that spoon into my mouth.

It was so busy on this day it was hard to get a picture without involving a million people's faces.  The first beautiful day and people come out in droves.  We are all pale and still too over-dressed, and we walk around in wonder like we have never seen the sun before.  It's great.

Cool door.

Makes me miss Summer.  Even though I know it will be so hot I will want to pass out in a lake, and dirty sweat will appear in odd places on my body, seeing the sun in these pictures makes me excited for it.

Let me leave you with a picture from my first Summer here in Toronto.  Six years ago  This was back when I worked in a coffee shop and my paycheck only covered my rent.  I had a little left over and that went towards my beer for the month. At least I had my priorities straight.  I miss those days!

I hope that all of you who are experiencing Spring are enjoying it!

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