High Park: Part 1

by - May 31, 2011

Oh man, it is the MOST beautiful day here in beautiful Toronto.  These pictures are not from this day, but that day was a good one too.

There is a giant park/ wooded area near where I live called High Park.  Love this place.  There is so much to do here: bike paths, foot paths, off leash areas for dogs, a restaurant, a park, petting zoo, fishing (not that I fish), plays in the park, and many little nooks and crannies to GET WASTED IN!  Just kidding.  I have never done that.  Although I did have a 'photo shoot' once here (who hasn't) where I wore a see through white dress and the sun shone just so that day....wanna know where that picture is hanging today?  On my friend's office wall.  At her office.  Where she works.  Boy oh boy.

So I have a crush on an 18-year-old actor.  Lord above.  He is a dancer too (hip hop!), and no kid should move like that and get us grannies all hot and bothered.  I was gushing to Dave about my little crush last night, and he pointed out that I seem to have crushes on young actors a lot.  I was all "WTF you say? This is the first!".  And he proceeded to list many, many more.  Conclusion: I AM A COUGAR.  I thought my sister was the only coug in the family.  Maybe we will join forces, as she is a seasoned vet and I am a noob. 

Hide yer kids folks!  This one is coming for them!

There was a couple getting engagement photos done just to the right of me in this picture.  I decided to steal the show.  Just kidding! Although hopefully my antics got a good laugh out of them, and later they can tell their children, "Oh yes THIS photo!  Funny story...".

Super Coug to save the day.

I know you constantly wonder at my coolness.  I do too.  It just hovers all around me.  HA!

Oh yes, that's a nice one.

So is this one...man I am a nerd.

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