High Park: Part 2

by - May 31, 2011

We walked through the whole park just to find this tomb.  It is the Howard tomb, he who also has a road near the park named after him.  I don't know the history of the Howards at all.  I just know this be where they are buried!

I was still pretty sick while we were on this excursion.  At this point in our very long walk, I had already run out of steam.  My feet were dragging.  I wasn't lying when I said I was really sick.  I even went to the GASP!...doctor.  I never, ever go to the doctor.  Not unless I am dying dudes.

Still found the energy to try and climb the fence.

Assessing my options here.  Hmmm....how do I get over this?

Yeah I don't think it's going to happen.  I have no trouble admitting defeat.

Look at this hot piece. Dave is younger than me by three years. I really am a cougar guys.

There is a restaurant right smack in the middle of the park, sort of in the woods.  They have a fire type oven that they make pizza in.  YUM!  This was our real destination all day.  Because with Dave, you need to come up with a destination.  He can't just go for a random walk or bike ride, we need to be GOING SOMEWHERE.  And you can't say "we are going for a walk down the block".  He needs a name of a place.  Weird-o.  Is this a guy thing or a weird Dave thing?

Cool picture.  I must have been sick.

Blackened chicken.  Although the chicken wasn't black at all.  They LIED.

It was still really good though!

For my Bioshock loving friends.  Anyone wanna go to Rapture?

We can have tea with Andrew Ryan.  Or a Big Daddy.

I love how green everything has become.  

I love it THIS much!

Nice face Dave.  Seriously...

The end.

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