My Week At A Glance

by - May 14, 2011

This last week has been a bit of a blur.  Everything that could go wrong at work, did.  But enough about that crap.  Just letting you know why I haven't really posted anything this week.  

A friend gave me this tea to try.  I haven't yet, but I certainly love the name of it. Can't wait to put that in my mouth.  Wait...

At work, after preparing lunch.  I didn't even get to take a lunch all week, just sat at my desk and shoved food into my mouth while staring like a zombie at my computer.  Hey, at least I took a second to be a smart ass.

There is a building I pass while walking home from work, where I am sure squatters live.  It used to be abandoned, and once I saw a dude smoking crack out a window at 7AM.  It has since been taken over by a storage company who flash their wares with giant lit up letters in the windows of the building.  Walking home from work at 10PM one night, this is what I saw.  Those clever people.  Because you've got to RAAAGGGEE against the dying of the light!

Friday night: it's time to go out and shake off all that work shit. Meaning, time to get drunk.  So a bunch of us from work went to one of our favourite pubs and commenced drinking.  It was much needed.  Much.  Great idea who's ever idea that was!

So my Jessi is getting married.  When she told me I bawled my head off I was so happy.  In the picture below, she had just asked me to be her maid of honour.  Of course I said yes.  She is so funny. She knows how I feel about weddings so she had to disclaim her question with, "I know how much you hate this stuff, but...". Oh shush Jess.  Like I wouldn't do it.  

Get used to having your picture taken bride-to-be!  Haha.  The groom-to-be.  My little brother.  Not for real, but I have known the guy since he was really young. One guess who set those two up!!

Nice Dave.  Or should I say Enrique...Gah.  That's the best gay name I could come up with.  It's not even really that gay.

Oh hey there Di!  My Croatian sista!  I am not Croatian, I am Macedonian, but whatever, close enough.

Just such a ridiculous picture. A little bit drunk and in need of some food at this point.  Of which I barely ate when it came. Instead I stuffed my face with shitty junk food after we got home.

Di and I noticed a cheesy odor permeating our environment.  We figured out it was most likely someone's feet.  Instead of doing the old sniff test to find out who was the stinky culprit, we just agreed that it was both of us.  No need to take our relationship to that level. That is reserved for significant others only.  They are with us to smell our gross smells and listen to us whine about our periods. Wow, except for the period comment, you would think I was a boy. Hey guys?  You know what I am talking about right?  "Do my pits smell?  Here, take a whiff...".

We are all big video game players.  Even when we are hanging with friends at the bar.

The next morning, or today in real life, time for a greasy breakfast if you know what I mean.  Dave had his music theory exam today, so he had to study over breakfast.  Of course we went to our favourite place of all time.

Oh my god.  Huevos con mole verde.  Seriously, can these people make anything gross?  I try something new every time we go, and it is always so effing delicious.

Pumpkin seed pesto.  DROOOOL.

It is a rainy, foggy day here in Toronto. It made me nostalgic for the summer and spending a rainy afternoon at a cottage up North. Waking up and seeing the rain, making a cup of coffee and sitting outside in an enclosed porch over-looking the lake, that is my dream life.  If I don't go to a cottage this summer I might die a little inside.

Heading to his exam.  I told him that as soon as he got home I was going to take a picture of his face to determine whether he thought he did well or not.  He said he wasn't nervous.  I would have been crapping my pants.  I don't know how I got through university and all the exams I had to take.  I get so nervous about stuff like that.

I love, love, love Toronto in the Spring. I really think this is when it is at it's best. Sigh.

Spring has most definitely sprung!

The view from our deck.  In the spring everything back here just explodes with life.  I love it.  We absolutely lucked out with this little treasure.  It's like we have our own private oasis back here in the spring and summer.  Can't wait to sit outside with some drinks, good food, and friends.

The yard below us.  I love it down there too.

Our deck needs a little love.  We had furniture but it was on loan and has since been taken back.  I am so ok with this because it just means I can plan and 'decorate' it the exact way that I want.  It's totally open to anything.  I like this.

I have been itching to ride my bike ALL winter.  We brought them out and the tires were flat.  I will fix this ASAP.

They want out so bad.  So many birds, so many bugs.  I feel guilty, but I want them to live a long life, so no going outside.

A perfect day to curl up and watch a shitty movie.  My cat, Ju-ni, thinks so too.  I guess my lap was too hard to resist, so we watched a movie together.  

Look at that freaking face!! I guess he felt like he did well!  Yay Dave!

Tomorrow we are doing the big GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon.  We are doing the 5k walk for MADD.  It is something that effects me personally and I am glad we are doing it.  It is going to be heavy, but also uplifting.  Cathartic even.

Early to bed tonight!  Early wake up call in the morning.  I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

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