Sh*t Son, That Was Fun: 1

by - May 03, 2011

Another busy weekend.  Went downtown with my friend Naz and afterwards travelled to John's hood for some wine and good times. Always good times with that guy.

Weekend started with some pictures in the kitchen.  It's the brightest room in the house.  This is great in the Winter when we get about 12 minutes of sunshine a week, but in the Summer it's brutal.  The blinds stay closed all Summer.  Right.  I am remembering how effing hot it gets in there.

Did my nails again.  Look at these bitch nails.  Seriously, Raymi the Minx has turned me into a monster. She always gets her nails done all beautiful and it inspires me to do my own all shit-like compared to hers.  At least I am making an effort.  No longer am I a disgusting boy!  I actually shower sometimes a lot more these days! Are you proud of me?  Also, you should check Raymi out.  I PROMISE you, you will not be disappointed.  She is like crack. And while I am plugging people, you need to check out Toronto City Life.  Awesome guy, awesome blog. And yours truly is a syndicated contributor over there!

Sorry Beethoven, my nails need a little air time and your head looks as good as any.

So this is my new bag.  I was hankering for an expensive one.  See? Turning into a pure girl over here.  I thought about this purchase for a LONG time because it was expensive.  I was going to go for a brand name guy, but at the last minute went to my fast-becoming favourite shop Fresh, and saw this one of a kind Moira Coughlan dumpling bag.  At first I was like FUUUUUCK that's a lot of money for a bag (c'mon it wasn't THAT bad), but damn I love it more than life.  I would save it in a fire if it meant I would burn myself.

Dave had some guys over to watch the fight.  He is on the phone planning out his little date here.  The picture below is hilarious because he was telling me that this guy was coming over who was a little wild and crazy (an actor, they all are), and that they were going to crush cans on their foreheads and drop pizza all over the carpet.  My face says it all.

Guys, meet my friend Naz.  GODDAMN she is beautiful.  For a few years we were mostly work friends, but recently we went out for coffee.  Like, on a weekend. We took it to the next level you could say.  A sexy, going-out-for-coffee-level. 

Oh hey look! It's John!  How's it going my love?  Yes, we can stop at Starbucks and you can get 124 shots of espresso.  Not sure how you are still alive after that one.

It was sunny!  I was happy!

Look at that sexy bag.

Super rich people Starbucks.  I looked like a death slob compared to everyone else in that place.

We stopped at John's parents house for an old photo album so we could laugh at our dumb early university selves.  John's parents' basement is like a plethora of awesome things.  There are literally amazing things everywhere you look.  I want to spend a day down there and skip through the treasures and play with everything.

Every time I go to John's house I am like FULL LENGTH MIRROR!  We don't have one so it's always a surprise to see my body after so long.  So THAT'S what you look like legs!

One of my favourite pictures of all time.  John has good taste.

Oh hey there Joh...STICKS IN THINGS!! I have a bit of an obsession with sticks. Like, IN THINGS.


Where we sat for the majority of the evening.  In my old age, I suddenly have vertigo when I go out onto balconies. I have a strange urge to throw myself off of it and get it over with.  Not because I have a death wish, but because I am terrified that I am going to fall anyway, so why not end the terror?

Bean! Remember when she was pregnant?  She gave birth to three of the sweetest kittens ever!!  She really wanted out there with us, but yeah right.

I asked John to take a picture of me out there on the balcony.  I had my arms raised and he told me I had pit stains. Only I DON'T! Ass.  

This is my 'fuck you John' face.

Better.  Ass.

Had a few at this point.  Maybe.

Laugh.  It does a body REALLY good.

Part two, coming right up!

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