Summer Is Almost Upon Us

by - May 21, 2011

So yeah.  Week of hell is over.  Thank goodness.  I am now on vacation for a week! Woohoo!  It couldn't have come sooner, people.  Wednesday night I started feeling kind of crappy.  As usual, I blame everything on allergies so I figured I would wake up on Thursday morning (which was my last day of work for the week) and feel better,  But no.  I woke up full out sick, shakes and fevers and sore throats and all.  I still had to go to work though.  I had too much to do before I could leave. But it's done!  Yay!  

I am still sick, but I figured since I had been dying on the couch for a day and a half, that it was time to suck it up and get outside.  Force myself to feel better!  It doesn't help lying there feeling sorry for yourself right?  You need to show that flu who's boss!

So today, Saturday, the day of the apocalypse, it was up and at 'em time.  The weather today is GORGEOUS and it would be such a waste to stay inside.  The temperature would be reaching highs of 25C (around 80F for my American friends) so we went for a walk. I had to warn Dave that I didn't want to push it too much today since I am still sick, and it was pretty hot out there.

We went and got a coffee, and I decided that a trip to the natural food store was key.  I loaded up on plenty of herbal stuff to fight this bitch I got going on.  I am ready for battle.  I hate being sick, and I HATE taking drugs even more.  I will do anything to avoid it. So natural medicine it is.  

After that, Dave got ice cream.  I did not partake (siiigighhhhhh).  I just didn't think it would be a great idea under the circumstances. He was sweet though. When I asked him if it was good, he (kind of) convincingly said it was disgusting. Cutie.

Giving good face here.... 

When this is how I was really feeling.

Sigh. Are you serious? Look at how beautiful it is out here.  I LOVE, LOVE Toronto in the Spring. I think we appreciate this kind of weather so much because we have to live through months and months of Winter.  

Hey guys! Do I like butter?!  

We wanted to get onto the track at this school. They lock it up super tight in case hooligans such as ourselves wish to catch a few rays on the grass.  All that dog poop free grass.  Such a waste.

I was like, hey Dave! Take a picture of me gazing longingly onto the field!  But then a bird distracted me for real and this is what you get.

Oooooh.  How Donnie Darko emo.  

Hopefully this is the student parking lot.

Ok.  So, when I went to high school?  This is NOT what my school yard looked like. Mine had some scratchy brown grass and concrete.  Seriously.  I hope that these kids appreciate the fact that they go to a pretty awesome school.  One that has a POOL.  Now that is living the good life.

Oh hey there white-y. Think I can get any whiter?  Then I would be a G-G-G-GHOST (that was for you Nut in a Nutshell!)

Humberside Collegiate. Classes were actually held for the first time here in 1859, when it was called Toronto Junction something-or-other.  But then Toronto did something in 1909 to the West end and the school was re-named to Humberside Collegiate.  I need to pay attention more to what I am reading.  Don't blame me. My attention span sometimes is ZERO.

Super Gay!  Just kidding Dave.  

This is all reminding me of my youth, most of which was spent on the East end of Toronto at Gerard Street and Greenwood Avenue eating orange popsicles and dill pickle chips.

Nice lips.  Look at those wrists.  I have Billy the Kid wrists.  This is a great party fave. I can slip out of any handcuff you put on me. Seriously.  Everyone thought this was hilarious when I was younger and someone was bound to put me in handcuffs at some point (get your minds out of the gutter).  And I would always get out of them. I have never been arrested though.  Unfortunate.  That would have made the cops laugh and they would have let me go I am sure.

Dave is super happy that there is grass.  He wants to wade in it.

See? Happy.

I wonder if this house is cool in the Summer?

After about an hour and a half out there, I started to fade.  It was time to go back home, cool off, and do what I needed to do, which was lie down.  But I am proud of myself!  I made myself go outside and enjoy the weather even though I felt (feel) like ass.  It did make me feel better.

It wasn't long though, until this happened.

Have a great weekend!

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