Sushi and Rain

by - June 24, 2011

It's been raining here like crazy.  Today we are supposed to see the end of it, thank goodness.  I was able to sneak out and barbecue last night in the five minutes that it let up.  Pretty soon after it down poured again.  Rain, rain, go away!

Good ol' sushi.  I think there are fish eggs in this salad dressing.  It's really delicious though.  BELIEVE ME.  It took me a LOOOOONG time to get over fish eggs.  I still don't go out of my way to order them, but if they are sticking around on a piece of something, I can deal.

Yum! Fiery mayo dresses this tuna lover's roll. So good, but seriously so spicy.

Sooooo, funny story about wasabi. I hate it. A friend dared me to put about that amount on my tongue and smoosh it around and then swallow. And of course, because I am an asshole, I did. And now I am traumatized.

Please excuse the hair.  Like I said, it has been raining.

I really like sushi.  But I like maki better.  

Osaka Sushi is one of our favorite places here in Toronto.  It burned down a while back (not their fault, it was the building next to them), and we were so incredibly sad.  But! They are back up and running and delicious.  Everything is always super fresh and tasty.  Thanks Osaka Sushi!  Also, I think they put crack in their fruit because it is better than ANY fruit I have ever tasted.

Oh right, the walk home.  Speaking of animals being dicks,  I thought it would be HILARIOUS to get a picture of me jumping in the air.  This is my 'let's do it' face.

There were MANY instances of crazy face in these jumping pics.  I didn't include a lot of them because you would all run screaming.  I could never be a model.  No...I could never be a model who had to like, DO stuff.  I could stand there and look bored like a lot of them do. Skinny and bored.  I'll take that.  But if I had to move at all while modeling, I would give definite ug face.

YES!  So while this went on for a solid twenty minutes, in front of someone's house mind you, Dave and I were laughing like idiots.  We kept zooming in on my face and busting a gut.  I am sure people thought we were crackheads. 

Now that I have worked up a nice sweat...we go home.

The next day. Guess who is sore from all that running and jumping?  At least it was sunny for 5 seconds.

Walking to work. EEEEEVERY day. Sigh.

Make the walk fun by turning down alleys. There are always interesting things to see down Toronto alleys. Just try not to get too traumatized by some of the things you may encounter.

Who's that up there?  Is it....?


Oh yeah, no.  It's just Dick Tracy.  Hey buddy.

Good thing you can't see the entire picture.  I am making a lewd hand gesture to Dave.  Make an 'O' with your thumb and the rest of your fingers, and pump your hand up and down.  Then you'll know which one it was.

Almost at work. The final countdown. Or, walkdown, if you prefer.

I used to live here with my bestie Jess.  It was a grand old time for two years.  Too bad our landlord was a douche.  Like, a giant one.  His name was Douchebag.  All of our friends knew him as such.

Many beers were pounded back on this porch.

And then the condos came.  They tore down an old church, and found a river that ran underneath.  Also, they found a huge crypt with lots of dead guys.  All I could focus on was the constant pounding of the machinery in my brain from 7AM-7PM, every day, for months and months.

Love that pharmacy.  They take care of me there. I have become one of their old lady clients, I know it.

Ugh.  I see work.  Kill me.

How'd that guy get in here?  Oh well, food porn.

 Have a great weekend everyone!

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