I Am Happy. Blissful Even.

by - June 01, 2011

It really has been a gorgeous couple of days here in sweaty Toronto. Just how I like it.  I used to be one of 'those people' who complained about the weather ALL the time.  And then I met Dave, Mr. Never Complains, and I stopped.  I mean really?  How annoying is it to state how hot or cold you are 50 times a day? Everyone else is too, so just deal with it.  I used to hate it when people would come into the coffee shop where I used to work, it would be 40C outside and the air conditioning would be broken and they would exclaim, "Boy is it ever hot in here!".  I KNOW!  Try working behind this counter for 5 minutes! 

So no more.  I love all kinds of weather. At least I don't complain about it. Can't change it right?

This photo was taken on Monday, my first day back to work after my sick-ation.

This is EXACTLY how I felt about it all.

But! Monday night more than made up for it.  We went to Ikea. Sigh.  I have a love/ hate relationship going on for that place.  Also, it was really late and we had to run around like crazy people to buy what we wanted and there was no time to eat and by the time we got home, well you know....so we ate fast food.  Burger King to be exact. I can't remember the last time I ate fast food, or Burger King for that matter. Eating it just solidified my opinion that it is just not worth it. It doesn't taste good to me anymore, and the unhealthiness of it all grosses me out. But hey! That's just me folks! You love it, you eat it!  Enjoy!

Some extra throw pillows and an ottoman were what we had our eyes on.  We were still using our old coffee table and it was way too big and didn't really match the colour scheme we were going for.  

This is the before: 

And the after:

Much nicer, no?  Of course this bitch turned it into her hairy lair the second it was in place.

Oh look! Now it's Tuesday!  I am wearing that camera necklace I just bought and it took a picture of you, taking a picture of me.  It didn't really, but the flash is cool.

This is what I have to deal with in the mornings.  I am all, "Ok, we have to go". And Dave says, "I am coming now", when really he is just standing up and playing. I mean, it's cool, but I caught you RED-HANDED not actually making an effort to hurry.

It was hot.  Not complaining. Just sayin'. Freezies make it all better. Especially a blue one!

There is a long alleyway we sometimes walk down on the way home from work.  It has amazing street art on everything.  It is a residential alleyway, so it contains garages and sheds and fences to people's backyards, so it's awesome that the folks who live here don't mind it and in fact, seem to encourage it.

Gorgeous. This weather makes me blissfully happy.

Hey guys, is my tongue blue?

Toronto streets at this time of day, at this time of year equals perfect.

That's a nice picture there. I hope that wherever you are, you are having lovely, calm weather, and that you are enjoying it!

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