I Love Awards!

by - June 16, 2011

Well well...Jenna over at Jennaventures (LOVE HER) threw a scrumdiddlyumptious award my way with this little bite of deliciousness:

Girlfriend, if we ever meet in real life, we are going to share one of these between the two of us, deal?  You all should go on over and visit her.  She writes without editing out the gory details, and she is such a sweet gal  (with a whole lot of grit), I am not surprised this was sent her way!

So, with an award comes WORK.  Meaning I have to share some random facts about myself to all of you, as well as awarding a few blogs that I find to be particularly delectable.  That's my favorite part! 

Seven random facts about me:

  1. I am a gamer.  I have been playing video games in some form or other since I was 6 years-old.  If you are counting, that's a solid 25 years of gaming.  I am lucky I found a partner who also is a huge gamer, bigger than I am, because we can be nerds together.
  2. I have PICA.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a disorder that makes me crave strange things, like dirt, and rocks, and hair.  Now, mine is not that severe to the point where I have ever consumed any of these things, but there are times when I absolutely have to chew on some ice cubes to get rid of the craving.  Also, I salivate at the sight of a light bulb.  Weird?  Very.
  3.  I can't eat meat if it still has bones or skin on it.  Grosses me out.
  4. I can eat fruit until I die.  Any kind of fruit, until I am in a fruit coma.
  5. I am lactose intolerant.  Which means I CAN'T HAVE ICE CREAM.  It is a cruel, cruel world.
  6. To go along with number 5, because I know a lot of you are asking yourselves why I don't just pop a pill and enjoy all the ice cream in the world, I HATE taking pills.  Like, any kid of pill.  I refuse to take anything unless it is being forced down my throat.  I have to be close to death before I take anything for pain/ sickness, etc. 
  7. I spent five years living in a house with a pig.  No, I am not talking about my little brother, I mean a 500 pound potbelly pig named Priscilla.  Did I live on a farm?  No.  I lived with my parents, in town, and they just happened to bring a pig home one day to love.  She was very smart, trained to let us know when she wanted to go outside, and very affectionate.  She would not go to sleep at night until she was resting on her pillow and someone had tucked her in.  She was more spoiled than the real kids.  I miss her.
 So, on to awarding someone else with this treat...

A Quirky Girls Thoughts: because she is so positive and lovely and EVERY single time I visit her blog I leave it feeling happy and revitalized.  

On the Couch- because I just love Samantha and her take on parenting.  She does it with grace and humor, and she makes me laugh.

Vive le Nerd- C'mon! Josh is amazing.  His blog is NEVER boring, never disappoints, and he is an extremely talented writer.  I am proud to call him my friend.

Enjoy your cake my pretties!  Oh, uh, and handsome!

While I am here...I believe that Josh tagged me a week or so ago.  I have to answer some questions about my little old self.  Here you go!

Do you think you’re hot?

I sure do!  You only live once people and to spend it thinking anything else is a shame!

Upload a picture or wallpaper you are using at the moment.

 This is my work wallpaper.  I stare at it longingly all day.

When was the last time you ate chicken meat?

Hahah! Chicken meat.  Umm...a few days ago I think.  I made my yummy Summer chicken salad.

The song you listened to recently?

I listened to The Strokes 'Under Cover of Darkness' on the way to work this morning. Among others!

What were you thinking about as you were doing this?


Do you have nicknames?

 The one and only: Kato!

Tag five friends?  Sure!

Ok that's only three, but this is long enough people.  Enjoy your Thursday!

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