Impromptu Photo Shoots Are The Best

by - June 02, 2011

Hang on to your hats folks!  I present to you a gazillion pictures of...*drumroll*!

WARNING: If you think I am a conceited, narcissistic cow who takes too many pictures of herself, you would be right!  Ha!  Just kidding.  I do this because I enjoy capturing my life through pictures.  I want to look back one day and smile when I am 80 and remember that fun time, and that sunny day.  Let's face it, I am not going to be young forever!  Might as well take those pictures now!

Yesterday was the epitome of a perfect day weather wise.  It would be a shame not to buy some beer after work and get in some deck time.  So that is what we did.  And it turned into an impromptu photo session.  I wanted one picture and Dave gave me a ton. It was the perfect time of day too.  Sigh.  Have I mentioned how much I am enjoying this weather?  It's funny because I a have always been a 'Winter girl'.  Not anymore!!

Oh hey look!  It's Kato at fifty-five!  I am hoping it was the way the sun was shining and not me actually looking like the crypt keeper.  At least not yet.  That is coveted for when I become an old witch woman.

Hey beer companies! Sponsor me why don't you? I can be your not-as-good-looking, dorky nerd beer girl!

 Oh yes.  Pure enjoyment.

I have more class in my baby finger...*crickets*

Pictures were interrupted by a friendly neighborhood wasp.  They are all over our deck because they are stripping the wood to use for a nest. I am extremely allergic to them, so of course I was scared here.  I wish I was one with the wasps.  Like we can make a deal?  I won't bother them and they won't sting me?  Yeah, give me one of your hang-y legs and we'll shake on it.

Little did I know that our neighbors were watching me be a total douche. We can hear each other pee and fart, so I guess it's no biggie.

This picture is similar to the one below that was taken a million years ago.  Short hair Katherine!! I will never do that again!

See? Sort of the same pose?  This was almost 4 years ago. Wow.  Time flies. Also, that is a Ninja Turtles shirt. I am currently wearing it as a pajama shirt.

It wouldn't be a true photo shoot without a stupid face thrown in.  I am going to create a "A Year in Faces" video at the end of this year.  Watch me now!

What the..? Who the fah this chick think she is?

Kitty!  They want out so bad!  Too bad little guys!

Fuuuuuck.  Get a room you two.

Stay tuned for more photo shoots!  They will be vintage!  Exciting I know!  Really, you have my permission to stay away for a couple of posts.  It's pretty sickening.

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