It's True...You Get Dumber As You Get Older

by - June 12, 2011

Can you die from working out too hard?

Because I think I almost died last night.

Our apartment is two floors, with the bedroom being upstairs in the attic.  The attic that feels like the warmest room in Hell on a good day.  It is so hot up there in the summer that if you take a breath as you walk into it, it feels like your lungs are being baked in an oven. Terrible. We pretty much sleep on the living room floor all summer, where the air conditioner is.  You know, just to give you an idea.

Because it was so late, and because I am an educated person, I decided to work out in the bedroom.  I didn't want my poor landlord being woken up from my elephant feet and floppy awkward jumping jacks that shake the entire first floor of the apartment.  

So I decided to work out in the bedroom.  Or, the Hell room, as it will forever be called from now on.  And not ONLY did I decide to work out in the Hell room, I also did not want to wake up my know, the ones I can hear peeing and farting they are so close (it wasn't even that late people, I don't know what I was thinking).  So I decided to SHUT THE WINDOW.  The only window in the room that lets in an inkling of air, and I shut it. SIGH.

So, I fill up a glass of water, and I begin my workout.  And I worked out HARD. Probably harder than I ever had.  By the time I was done, I was dripping with sweat.  That's a pretty hot picture I painted for you didn't I?  Well, picture me red-faced and sweaty, wondering why I am so FREAKING hot, feeling like I am going to pass out and die a gazillion awful deaths.  Why is this happening? Oh right, because I shut the window in the Hell room, therefore getting rid of my only air source.  The bedroom got so hot in that half hour that the devil himself had to leave.  I am not kidding.

So, two giant glasses of icy water later, I hopped into the shower.  A freezing cold, lovely shower. matter how cold I made the water, I still was not cooling down.  What the hell man?  

I finished showering and went to the kitchen to get a banana and some bread and peanut butter.  And while I was eating, I noticed that I was SWEATING.  Like, literally dripping with sweat, STILL.  
Can you die from working out too hard?  

Or can you die from being an idiot and working out in 100 degree temperatures?  I think the latter.  

I need to start schlepping my ass to a gym.  A wonderful, air-conditioned gym.  

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