"The only thing missing from this park experience is WHISKEY!"

by - June 06, 2011

The heat yesterday was making us cranky.  I didn't turn the air conditioner on until pretty late in the day, but by then, the cranky damage was done.  Dave isn't actually yelling at me in this picture, but I can tell you that I was ACTUALLY annoyed with him.  You know when you are snapping at each other and then pretending it's all a joke when really deep down you want to rip each other's heads off?  Yeah. That was me us.

So we decided that a walk for ice cream would cure all of our woes.  Well, Dave's woes anyway.  I did not partake on account of the pansy ass lactose problem I have. Screw you evolution!  I mean, I can't help it if I am ahead of everyone else can I?

Awesome # 1

Awesome # 2

Who's that frump master 3000?  Why...it's me!! I love the heat, I do, but I don't love how it can make you look like a deflated monkey five seconds after you shower.  Not that any showering took place on this day, no sir.  Too lazy.  Paying for it today though, my hair is a rat's nest.

Happy now that he has ice cream.  I mean really? Who can be annoyed when you have cotton candy ice cream? No one, that's who. Let's all remember that I did not have any cotton freaking candy ice cream.

I make my own happiness.  With stupid faces.

Destination station. Park!  Only there are no swings. Swings are what I live for. Funny, but a friend of mine was telling her boyfriend yesterday about my severe love of swings. It's true.  Even though I am old now and they make me want to puke, I'LL TAKE THAT CHANCE.

How come I had to go to a shitty, brown, cheaply made school my whole life?  Schools in Toronto are something else I tell you.

There is a SWEATER in my bag.  Because even though it's hot enough to fry anything on the sidewalk, never mind an egg, I still made sure to bring my sweater. A grandma before my time.  I am ok with this.

So excited to go down the slide.

Such a child.

Surprised at how fast I went.  Isn't that a little dangerous?, asks Grandma Kato.

Love the blue skies we have been getting these days. Honestly, how can anyone be in a bad mood when you have this to look at?

How can anyone be in a bad mood when they have THIS to look at?

Ha! Caught Dave being all neighborly, saying hello to folks.

Oh my god!  It's a park!  A park with...


"The only thing missing from this park adventure is WHISKEY!".  Because THAT wouldn't make me ralph or anything.

Dave writes: This marker is dead  Thank you Dave.

These do not work for people of the adult persuasion.

Why am I always a boy?  Why do I feel the need to get violent and try to throw people off of things? I don't know. Just how I was raised.

See?  A little walk and playing in a park does wonders for when your boyfriend annoys you heat aggression.  We love each other again!  Yay!  Just kidding guys, we always love each other *eye roll*  Look how much Dave wants me to touch him!

 Enjoy your Monday folks!  It is beautiful here!

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