Right Now

by - June 22, 2011

When the weather in the Summer is like this:


Hot and humid, Dave and I take it to the living room. 

What the hell do you mean Katherine?  I know you are asking yourselves this.

Well, I am sure I have said this before, but our bedroom is a furnace in the Summer.  No air conditioning resides in our humble attic bedroom.  Therefore, we make our living room floor and couch as comfortable as possible.  Because there is an air conditioner there.

At 3AM last night, we were treated to a violent one of these:


I was pulled out of a deep sleep by crashing thunder and blinding lightening.  I knew then that we were going to have to sleepily drag ourselves down to the living room.  Having to shut the window from the rain coming in; this means certain death for us.  We would be beef jerky by morning.

So at 3 o'clock this morning, that is what we did.  Only I gave Dave the couch and I took the floor.  Without the blow up mattress because it's too loud to set up at that time of morning.  

We did what we could to make me comfortable, but I have hips people.  They dig into things, especially if those things are hard, like a floor.

But I survived. A little sore, but a-ok.  At 31-years-old, it makes me proud that I can still sleep on a floor and survive. Someone give me a freaking medal.

So, since there is going to be more of crashing and booming tonight, we planned ahead.  We have done this often enough in the sweltering Toronto summers that we have a name for it.  We call it Arabian Nights. Because we spread ourselves all over the place and sleep on floors.  

Sometimes I place a big bowl of fruit between us to complete the picture.  

The cats like it too. 

I am cutting up a bowl of fruit as I write this.

Stay cool everyone!

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