by - June 08, 2011

Back in May, actually, right after we did the Toronto Goodlife Fitness Marathon, Dave and I decided to pop in to the Royal Ontario Museum here in Toronto.  Awesome place.  We go once a year or so, because it becomes sort of boring if you go more than that, but on a rainy day in May, it was perfect.

A Chinese tomb.  At least I hope it's Chinese, don't want to offend anyone.  Where's the door though?  Believe me when I say I circled it many times, looking for a way in.  Because THAT'S not offensive right?

They have a giant section of stuffed animals and bugs.  Do you stuff a bug?  No, probably not.  Makes me sad to stare into the animals eyes' for too long.  Poor things.

Dave has an irrational fear of very large things that live in the sea.  Like giant squid.  There is a debate out there in regards to their existence I know, but to Dave, they are VERY REAL. Just like killer clowns who live under the bed are VERY real in my world.  I wish I was joking.

Oh look! Stuffed bugs! I want to cuddle them!

There are trees (fake) inside the museum. Full size ones. They make me happy.

My favorite part of the entire museum!  The bat cave!  You walk through and it's dark and creepy and they have all these visuals as well as wind machines and flashing lights to make it seem like bats are flying over your head.  It's all confusing and blinding and not good for people with epilepsy.   Only when we went through it and I filmed it for all to see, there were no flashing lights and bat wing noises and wind.  LAME.

Also, the announcer is talking French (Canadian). Feel free to make fun.

This is the size of this flower.  Like it's actual size.  Seriously this exists?  Like right now?  When did we go back to prehistoric times?  Where can I get me a dinosaur?  I would want a T-rex. Because we are kin.  They have really wimpy arms, as do I.  I am talking no upper body strength whatsoever.  This is my claim to fame.

More fluffy bugs!

This is my other favorite part of the museum.  They have a huge section of furniture and music and clothing from Victorian times.  LOVE THIS SHIT.  I majored in Victorian lit in University you know.  Charles Dickens is my boyfriend, and Jane Austen would be my lesbian lover, were I to swing that way. I probably would.  Didn't everyone in Victorian times?

At this point we heard shouting from outside.  All the way up here.  There was a protest going on to end apartheid in Palestine. People were starting to gather in the streets.

Watched what was going on for a bit.

The way that the museum is built, you can look down to the first floor from the top floor.  It's all twisty and jagged edges on the way down. Barf-puke central.  Also, my vertigo starts to scream and an invisible hand tries to push me over the edge. 

I love this city.

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