Speaking of Photo Shoots...

by - June 11, 2011

Looking through old photos with Dave the other day, I realized that I have never been uncomfortable in front of a camera.  I always thought I was, but I think it was people other than me seeing photos of me, is what made me uncomfortable. I mean, how much is too much?  I constantly question this in regards to this blog. But again, as the last few posts have pointed out, my domain right?  I love that people come back to check it out when I am posting pictures of little old me.  In fact, my hits tripled once I started posting more pictures of myself and my everyday life, so I guess I am doing something right.

Christmas, 2006.  What a pose.  Also, WAY too skinny here.  I was working at a coffee shop and making nothing and living in Toronto, which is expensive. And beer was more important than food. Not anymore people, food is my life.

It is often that people ask me to pose for them.  Let's not be pervy here, just friends knowing about my affinity for being in front of the camera.  Again, I never really realized it.  We all know someone like this.  And we all know that deep down inside, we all have a hidden diva in there just waiting to show herself.  Or himself. Don't want to gender discriminate.

Aren't I an angel?

What a gangly body.

Mine and Dave's two year anniversary.  We spent it at a swanky hotel downtown. Super swanky.  The only time you will see me in a dress and heels.  And yet again, here I am hamming it up for the camera.

Even on the phone, when I noticed a camera pointed at me, I saw my opportunity and I took it.  Who wants a boring picture of themselves?  This is why I am ridiculous and tend to go overboard.  

Calm down there Chester the Molester.

I think the best photo shoot I was ever in, was one that happened in the woods, with me in a long white dress.  It was very sunny that day.  Little did we know that a white dress, when sunny, is very see through.  No matter what kind of gitch you are wearing.  This isn't the fun part.  One picture in particular was entered into an art contest at my work (by my friend who took it).  This picture depicted a very graphic see through photo of my ASS.  My bosses looked at these photos.  It did not win, but a different picture that my friend took did, and she won a full day at a super expensive spa, all expenses paid for two.  

Guess who she took with her?  Yeah.  She had no choice.

Are comfortable in front of a camera?

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