This is What We Have Been Doing For Days

by - June 22, 2011

And I present to you, the patio set we bought from IKEA.  What a fucking joke to get this thing. Not IKEA's fault (they can do no wrong), but more like Wal-Mart's fault.

Story goes like this: make the long trek to Wal-Mart on Saturday to check out patio sets.  Find one we like, make sure to ask an asshole associate if there will be any left early Sunday, which is when we rented a car.   Get told that won't be a problem.  Get looked at like you are a piece of crap from the guy in the garden center when you ask if they have any left early Sunday. Find out that they are all sold out. Man.  

Peace out of Wal-Mart (where they forgot to hand us some hooks we bought while we are struggling to carry a barbecue, therefore we spent money and got nothing in return, jerk offs), and run to Canadian Tire and everywhere else you can think of that sells patio sets.  Patio sets are ridiculous, so decide on IKEA. Where we hit the jackpot.  Of course we did. No clue why we didn't go here first, as we ALWAYS go there first.

Cute no? The cushions were almost as expensive as the patio set. Sigh.  

Do you have ANY idea how hard it was to put this piece of shit together?  I love it and it's mine, so I can call it a piece of shit. It's a freaking portable camping barbecue, what's the problem? Oh right, the instructions were written in a made up language that only ants can understand. It was hot out, it took us all afternoon to put this guy together. Well, I mostly put it together while Dave 'assisted'. And I only screwed up one nail.

But this is the wonderful outcome. Sitting outside every night after work enjoying some type of girly drink or another.

Oh heeeey! My sister called.  Hi Krista! Guess what I am doing?

I am the barbecue goddess.  Roles are reversed in this household.

And it's supposed to rain for three days. What am I going to do after work now? I can't drink a girly drink indoors. That is WAY to embarrassing!

Do you enjoy every last bit of Summer?

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