Tomorrow, We Barbecue

by - June 18, 2011

Today was an adventure!  What day isn't?  We woke up and decided to go for breakfast (surprise, surprise) and then go and pick out a patio set and a barbecue. It is time for this people.  We have been wanting these things, and saving up, and it is now time.  Tomorrow, we barbecue.

It's early.  Can you tell?  Well, early for me.  Meaning pre-caffeine.  

This picture below, that one right there, is the reason I wear glasses and not contacts.  Well, also because I don't like ANYTHING near my eyeballs, not even AIR. But yeah, I look 10 years older when you can see the bags under my eyes.  Glasses hide this. Thanks mom, for your hereditary saggy eyes. 

Did my nails. What's the occasion, you ask? Just a little sweaty fun in the sun.  

What a delicious looking human.

We are creatures of habit.  At our favourite breakfast place, Cool Hand of a Girl. Love, love, love.

Look at that blue sky.  Today was the perfect day, weather-wise.  I feel like I say that everyday, but I am enjoying life, and it makes me happy.

Dave and I wandered down this alley during the street festival last year. We came upon a place called Free Geeks, which is a community technology centre down a weird alley. We took a tour through it and it is apparently an open place to bring and work on, and or fix other people's computers in exchange for parts and tips and whatever else it is you computer nerds get boners for.

Pretty neat.  I love this city.

While exploring further down this alley, we came upon a strange set of houses that were abandoned. They had been spray painted with messages and stuff. I felt like we had wandered into a weird little town where someone with a chainsaw was going to jump out at us. Such an odd thing to stumble upon.


Extra creepy factor.  Someone took the time to hang a mirror on the side of an abandoned house.

Of course I can't help myself.

We walked around to the front to see what the houses looked like. There were three in a row that had been abandoned. Wish we could have gone inside.

This was on the front lawn of the house next door. A little contraption that dug up some sand and moved it around. Think they killed all the people in those houses and used their little 'Cranky' to bury them?

This sprinkler stream was taller than the house. It came out pretty far onto the sidewalk and also did double duty by washing the windows behind it. Hilarious. Who turns their sprinkler up that high? Are there plants on your roof we can't see?

I think you got wet Dave.  

These little guys were in a pond on someone's front lawn.

THIS front lawn to be exact.  That's not creepy at all.  What's with the gnomes man?

Oh yes. It's your girl Katherine to fight whatever it is that goes on in this game.  I was never down with Duke Nukem. The story of this game is that they started developing it in 1996. FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. I read an article about it recently that had a line that said something like 'Duke Nukem Forever should have stayed away forever'. Something like that. Apparently it blows. After 15 years you would think it would be the shit.

Woah, the bitch to his left is a little strange looking.

Can anyone tell me what the hell this game is about?

Oh. It's one of THOSE.

We found a park.

Hackey sack and a park go hand in hand.  I mean, if you are a dumb hippie.

So, I suck.  But I have fun.  And there are no losers here, ok?

Fuuuuuck.  I am so white.

It was a beautiful day.  We picked out our patio set and barbecue, we just need to go and get them  tomorrow. Get ready for many pictures of the barbecue goddess Kato. Because I haven't been this excited in a long time. Can't wait!

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